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10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips to Kickstart A Happier Life

Minimalist lifestyle tips can always come in handy. We are surrounded by so many material possessions that learning what is a minimalist lifestyle can prove sometimes tricky. Overwhelming, hard, complicated – choose your word. You have been thinking about how to begin a minimalist lifestyle. This must be because you are surrounded by too much clutter […]

10 facts that prove that the Law of Attraction works

We want to speak about the law of attraction success stories today, and the facts that prove that the law of attraction does exist, and it does work. However, this is a topic that is really hard to explain in just one article, and it is an argument that is really complex. We’ll see some […]

Our 10 favourite fitness girls on Social Media

We love to write about exercising and fitness-related topics. We also love fitness influencers that are authentic and ready to help people globally. These 10 Instagram fitness influencers will do just that. The female fitness influencers on our list also include black fitness influencers, Australian fitness influencers, and Latina fitness influencers that will change your […]

15 Best books for new entrepreneurs

When it comes to the best books for female entrepreneurs, you’ll find below a list that’s not really usual. As a history major, who worked in many different industries so far, my taste in books is really complex. In this list of the best books for new entrepreneurs, you won’t find just business books. You […]

10 tips on how to get through hard times

Life is difficult. I don’t have to say this, I think most of us are aware of this. Throughout our lives, we will face many challenges. Some will be easy, some will be hard. The hard ones will be the most discouraging ones and will make us want to give up. I want to help […]

10 Tips To Organize Your Week Like A Boss

Sometimes, when you sit down to organize your week, weirdly enough you’ve suddenly got something else to do. Laundry to fold, dinner to cook, pets to walk. I get it. It’s hard to know how to effectively plan your week, especially if you’re working from home like I am. Sometimes, you just want to drop […]

10 Tips To Create The Best Girl Boss Outfits

Girl boss outfits show the world who you are and what you mean. And what you mean, like those women wearing girl boss outfits Netflix, is business. Pure and true. Over the last ten years, maybe even less, the image of the modern girl boss has shifted. Women are not interested in buying boss outfits […]

10 reasons why to choose your friends wisely

How do you choose your friends? I’m pretty sure that all of us had some experience now in choosing friends. This is all thanks to, or because of different people that we’ve met along our beautiful journey called life. Even though so many had happened, and so many types of people we have met, this […]

10 Tips To Separate Work and Free Time Efficiently

Work and life balance is important. Rather, I would say it is crucial to feeling your best at (almost) any given moment. We’ve become so busy that we have time for quite nothing after work. Unfortunately, what we depict as ‘busy’ does not echo ‘productive’. We might spend more time on the PC, but more […]

How To Do A 1 Week Meal Plan Prep Efficiently

When you’re busy and days drag, a 1 week meal plan prep can make all the difference. I get it. We’re all much busier than our parents and grandparents seem to ever have been. How to make a menu plan weekly, no matter how mouthwatering, can prove a tricky endeavor. In this article, I’m going […]

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