10 tips on how to get through hard times

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Life is difficult. I don’t have to say this, I think most of us are aware of this. Throughout our lives, we will face many challenges. Some will be easy, some will be hard. The hard ones will be the most discouraging ones and will make us want to give up. I want to help you on how to get through hard times. For the past few months, I’ve been dealing with so many ups and downs I just became immune to bad news.

I got to a point where I said it doesn’t matter what type of news I receive, but what matters is how I perceive them and how I react to them. I have to find daily motivation to go on, whether that’s using a self help journal, listening to self help podcasts or picking up the best self help books for women or understanding how can good self esteem help you through difficult situations. Overcoming burnout, or if you just need tips to get yourself through hard times, here are our suggestions.

10 tips on how to get through hard times

If you’re here, you must want to know how to get through hard times in life. Although I am not where I’m supposed to be, these few months have taught me enough to help you through your hard times. You will learn how to forgive and move on with life, how to move on with life after a heartbreak, how to move on with your life after separation. I will also tell you how can good self esteem help you through difficult situations, why it’s important to find places to travel for spiritual healing or simply just travel to heal. Let’s see how to get through the hard times!

1. Traveling

how to get through hard times

Needless to say the first on the list is traveling. You can travel for many reasons. You can look for places to travel for spiritual healing, travel to heal from past traumas, travel because it makes you happy. Explore new places because it will help you gain new perspectives on life. Sometimes we are caught up in our own problems so much, we cannot see what other people are going through.

By traveling, you will face many unknown places, people, experiences, cultures, and so on. You might even go to a country that is less developed than the one you’re from and realize how lucky you are regardless of what you’re going through. We have to learn that no matter what happens in life, as long as we have our health, food, and a roof above our heads we are blessed.

How to move on with life after a heartbreak? Traveling. You might not want to get out of your house, but if you make a small effort you will be thankful later. When you travel to a different place you experience the energy of other people. I know it’s easy to just stay at home, I’ve done it so many times and all that happened was more sadness. Yet when I left my house and was between other human beings, I felt more free and motivated to get it together. Try it yourself!

2. Exercise

daily motivation

My second favourite after travelling is exercise. If anyone knows me they remember how I used to struggle with being consistent. Even now I struggle, however, now the reasons are external. When you do any type of sport your body releases endorphins. Everyone knows this. Many of us turn to sports because we know it’s going to make us feel better. We will be able to get through the hardship in our lives.

The difficult part is picking yourself up from the ground to get to the gym or go out running when you already have so much on your mind. You don’t know how to find the time for all of this. You’re even wondering if it’s going to help you. What a struggle to wake up in the morning and go out for a run.

Yes, all of these are true. Deciding that you are going to exercise and actually going through with it takes a lot of determination. If you don’t think you can get do this alone, then ask a friend to be your accountability partner. When you need a pick me up, just call them and they will be there to push you and motivate you to just do it (yes, I really quoted the Nike slogan).

3. Best self help books for women

how to get through hard times

I’m not just talking about these because they are all over the Internet. I’m talking about these tips because this is what helped me get through hard times in life. Books have been a huge part of my life. I swear by them. They make you feel better about yourself. Reading about other people’s successes will motivate you to not lose yourself. It will give you higher self esteem. So how can good self esteem help you through difficult situations?

When you learn how to value yourself and not be hard on yourself you will start to achieve great things. All these people who “made it” in life have higher self esteem than most of us. It’s not because they are full of themselves, but they learned to love themselves in a humble way. In a way that will help them in the future.

The books that helped me the most and I recommend them to everyone are the following:

Happy Sexy Millionaire by Steven Bartlett

Think like a Monk by Jay Shetty

The Five-Second Rule by Mel Robbins

Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King

Atomic Habits by James Clear

These are just a few that really helped me get through rough times. They are written by people who have been in our situation and who understand what it is like to be at rock bottom. Does that mean they never face challenges anymore? No, it just means they learn how to handle them better and not react to every bad news they might get. They learn how to forgive and move on with life or how to move on without closure. This will ultimately help them to achieve great successes.

4. Motivational podcasts

daily motivation

Podcasts are very popular today. We get to listen to motivational podcasts when we go to work, to university or even for a walk. You can listen to them for free on various platforms. Why are they so good? Well, because they are usually raw. The best podcasts are uncut and unstaged. Those people talk about real-life subjects, real-life problems either alone or with others. They can be emotional, but that’s just one more reason to love them better.

The best self help podcasts in my opinion are the following:

Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett

On Purpose with Jayy Shetty

Affirmation Babe with Ashley Diana

These podcasts are really golden. They will teach you how to move on without closure after a breakup, how to move on with your life after separation or even how to move on from being the other woman. These things can be scary, but with the right help, you can move on and learn to live a happy life. Happiness is something we have to work for every day, but it’s definitely an attainable state. So what are you waiting for?

5. Self help journal

how to get through hard times

Journaling is either your thing or not. For the longest time, I did not like to journal. I never understood when I saw it in movies how girls would have so many journals for years. Writing what? Of course, that is not the same as what I’m about to talk about now, which is about the self help journal. I am still getting around the idea of journaling. Many ask how to get through hard times in life and how journaling is connected. Well, it’s quite simple. Words are powerful. Written words are even more powerful. They add depth to your actions and emotions.

What should you write about? Whatever emotions are going through you, write them out. Don’t think about it, just write what you feel. You will start to feel better as the words are coming out of the pen. This is going to help you with the way you feel about yourself and ultimately how can good self esteem help you through difficult situations or even how to move on without closure.

What also helps is when some time has passed and you read back what you wrote a year ago and compare how you are in a much better situation. That right there feels amazing. In case you are reading more or less the same, don’t get discouraged. You are still growing, you will never be in the same place you were before. Even if it’s difficult to realize that, just trust the process. Write, think and share self help so others can benefit from this. Let’s see what other tips we have on how to get through hard times.

6. Be kind to yourself

daily motivation

This one seems very obvious, however, oftentimes we forget how to treat ourselves. We treat others nicely, yet when it comes to ourselves, we are too hard. We have to learn how to forgive and move on with life, how to move on with life after a heartbreak or how to move on with your life after separation. You can only do that if you don’t overthink too much.

When I say be kind to yourself, I mean that you shouldn’t talk badly to yourself. What you say in your mind can have a very huge impact on your daily life. As I mentioned before, words are powerful. Not just the ones you say to others, but also the ones you tell yourself in your head. That is why the self help journal is a good way to also write affirmations, write a list of things you are grateful for and so on.

You will find your daily motivation to do anything as long as you are kind to yourself. You shouldn’t feel bad if you had an unproductive day. It happens with everyone. What you should do instead is try to be better the next day. Accept that you have had a bad day and wake up, listen to some motivational podcasts or self help podcasts and just affirm to yourself that you are worthy of happiness and whatever you are going through, you will find your way again.

7. Cut yourself some slack

how to get through hard times

This is pretty much related to the previous thing I mentioned about not being hard on yourself. You really need to cut yourself some slack when you didn’t do something you were meant to do, or when you made a mistake. I can say I am in this situation right now as I’m writing this article. Planning on doing something for days yet I still didn’t do it. What am I doing instead? Punishing myself, saying how bad I am in my head and rewinding all the mistakes I made.

This is where you’re wrong. It’s okay to have a few bad days when you don’t do what you were supposed to do. After these days you are going to reflect on what happened and make a plan for yourself. How to forgive and move on with life, even when it’s about forgiving yourself. This is the time to listen to self help podcasts or have a look at the best self help books for women in this article.

Whatever you need to pick yourself up, just cut yourself some slack and do it. Travel to heal or look for places to travel for spiritual healing. Or listen to “Still have me” from Demi Lovato, it’s going to make you cry but also feel like you’ll be okay afterwards. There are so many ways to find daily motivation and get through the hard times. Just know, you’ll be good in the end and share self help!

8. Learn from your mistakes

daily motivation

It’s not easy to learn from your mistakes. How to move on with life after a heartbreak or how to move on with your life after separation? This is when you have to think about what you did to get into that situation. This is also the reason why you should ask yourself how can good self esteem help you through difficult situations.

It’s always easy to give advice to others, yet when it comes to ourselves we can never take the same advice. We always know better, because it’s our life, right? So instead of thinking you know better, just think about how many times you did the same thing that brought the same result which you didn’t like.

Life doesn’t have to be hard. We are the ones that make it hard by overthinking, by ending up repeating the same mistakes. How to get through hard times should be easy once you learnt from your mistakes. You can also learn how to move on without closure. Don’t stress, when you face yourself with a difficult situation, just take a deep breath and tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. This brings me to the next point on how to get through times in life.

9. Enjoy the present

how to get through hard times

We love living either in the future or the past. How many times do we wish we could’ve changed something we did in the past or we are yearning for something in the future. The number of times we listen to motivational podcasts for daily motivation, plan that we are going to be better in the future, yet don’t act in the present.

Sounds like you? Because it definitely sounds like me. When you’re reading one of the best self help books for women and you’re feeling inspired by the story and tell yourself your life changes from tomorrow. The next day comes and nothing happens. Stop there, don’t think of the past or the future. Be in the present.

Live in the present. Enjoy the people around you, look at the trees you are passing every day but fail to notice because you are so buried deep in your thoughts. You’re thinking about how you can fix a situation in the future. This is why it’s good to find places to travel for spiritual healing as it will teach you how to live in the present! I always say travel to heal, you won’t regret it.

10. You are not alone in this

how to get through hard times

This is probably the most important point out of all. Whatever you do and go through in life you are never alone. How to get through hard times in life might be difficult for you, however, with the help of others you can do it. Even if you don’t particularly have close friends or family, sometimes even a stranger can help you.

You can find so many people in similar situations like you. By talking to someone, you will feel like you are not alone and feel a little better. It is a bit messed up to feel better when you know someone else is also going through something bad, but this is how our brains work. We compare everything and draw a conclusion based on that comparison.

So how to forgive and move on with life, how to move on with your life after separation, how to move on without closure and how to move on with life after a heartbreak? Easy. Don’t be alone. Surround yourself with positive people, who are going to lift you up and be there when you don’t feel like picking yourself up.

Conclusion on how to get through hard times in life

I hope you have found some tips on how to get through hard times and found your daily motivation to go on and not give up. Whether you will do that by listening to motivational podcasts, self help podcasts or reading the best self help books for women is up to you.

Don’t forget to use a self help journal when you feel overwhelmed with feelings and if it works, share self help with others. We hope you loved the 10 tips on how to get through hard times and will find the daily motivation to push through and believe in yourself. We believe in you too!

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