15 Best Freelance Jobs – Online Work From Home Jobs

In the last years more and more people started to be interested in online work from home jobs, and thanks to this, the possibilities have grown too. There are many of us, and you, who prefer going into an office, dressing up, getting ready, staying in traffic, and getting home late, but many of us […]

15 Best Coworking Spaces in London

London is the city of opportunities in England. Whatever you wish to do and dream of doing, you can do in London. But with will comes the need to have a healthy environment where one can come up with the best business ideas. Thankfully, coworking space London is one thing the city doesn’t lack. Central, […]

10 Best Coworking Spaces in Manhattan New York City

Working remotely, being a digital nomad, a freelancer, a blogger, or an entrepreneur is the new fancy! We love the freedom we get by getting to be our own bosses, make our own schedules, and work from where we want. Well, when it comes to NYC coworking space in this matter, we’ve got quite a […]

20 Customer service tips

We live in a consumer-oriented world. Millions of products are sold each second of the day, every day. Statistics showed in 2019 that Amazon had 150.6 million mobile users. Even if 10% of these people purchased products from Amazon that is still over 10 million users. On the other side of the screen are the […]

5 most popular international volunteering programs

Nowadays, volunteering had become more and more of a very addressed topic worldwide. It is not only about volunteering in your own city’s community or doing some kind of act. Volunteering had become the way of youths enabling their own strengths. It is also a help in adapting mechanisms and contributing to making the world […]

10 Tips To Create The Best Girl Boss Outfits

Girl boss outfits show the world who you are and what you mean. And what you mean, like those women wearing girl boss outfits Netflix, is business. Pure and true. Over the last ten years, maybe even less, the image of the modern girl boss has shifted. Women are not interested in buying boss outfits […]

10 Tips To Separate Work and Free Time Efficiently

Work and life balance is important. Rather, I would say it is crucial to feeling your best at (almost) any given moment. We’ve become so busy that we have time for quite nothing after work. Unfortunately, what we depict as ‘busy’ does not echo ‘productive’. We might spend more time on the PC, but more […]

10 tips to use Canva

There are so many questions about how to use Canva? How to create an eBook using Canva? What is Canva? How to create infographics with Canva? Canva, a tool for every spark of creativity that you might have. This graphic design platform allows you to turn your imagination into a real design within some small […]

How to start a screen printing business at home?

Do you feel like you could turn your creative side and hobby into something that might bring income? Have you always liked to explore design, fashion, and printing? Maybe you are the kind of person who would like to create for a meaning or a cause. Moreover, you can identify as a potential movement creator […]

10 Mistakes every new entrepreneur makes

What are the top 10 mistakes new business owners make, or when entrepreneurs develop new products? What must an entrepreneur assume when starting a business? All these questions are fair and really important if you want your business, and yourself to succeed! We will discuss in this post books for new entrepreneurs, as well as […]

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