10 Best Coworking Spaces in Manchester

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Looking for spaces where you can brainstorm ideas better? Coworking spaces have taken over the world, especially in the past 2 years. It’s amazing to work from home, however, sometimes you just need that office environment to really be productive and motivated. A coworking space Manchester will solve your problems on days when you feel unproductive.

These offices give you the possibility to just rent out a space for the day or for a month. Furthermore, you can even buy a few days per month if you still want the flexibility of working from home every now and then. With these coworking spaces Manchester, you’ll find like-minded individuals who are eager to make connections. Some of them built up the business from a coworking office space Manchester.

10 Best Coworking Spaces Manchester – Coworking Office Space Manchester

So how do you find the best coworking space Manchester? Well, you can look at a few things. For example, location. Most of these on the list are central, some right in the heart of the city near the shopping center. While others are just a short walk away from the center. The good thing about Manchester is that you can walk around the center easily. You should also choose based on the amenities you get and what suits you. Let’s see what are those exactly!

1. Flagship Manchester

coworking space manchester

Starting our list with an amazing coworking space Manchester, the Flagship Manchester. If you wish to be right in the center of the vibrant city and close to the Arndale shopping center, this is the office space for you. It’s located in the Northern Quarter, just 10 minutes from the Piccadilly station. Flagship offers a number of private offices, dedicated desks, and co-working spaces. The design and outlay of the offices is immaculate.

The space is clean and open and there’s a lot of light coming on from the big windows. It’s the perfect spot for either renting out a whole office or just a dedicated desk. Are you self-employed? Perfect. This space will help you meet connections while keeping you grounded and focused on your daily work activities. Flagship coworking office space Manchester spaces are punished with both sit/stand desks.

The total capacity of people that fit here is 30. As you can imagine, it is not a big space, therefore it’s easy to make connections and have a friendly work environment. It is a 24/7-access institute, with high-speed wifi, meeting rooms, and curated events. You can also book a Flexi desk which is at the communal table or lounge. I can see myself working from here!

Flagship Manchester location: 27 Turner Street, Manchester, M4 1DG

2. Beehive Lofts

Beehive Lofts is a great coworking Manchester space located in New Islington. It has the perfect location, just outside of the city center but still within walking distance. It is in the center of Ancoats Urban village and the building used to be a cotton mill from 1800, which is renovated today. This is what gives the offices its industrial feel with a twist of modern.

There are quite a few lofts available, therefore, plenty of space. What I love about it is all of the plants they added. Although it’s an industrial building and still has the original walls, the plants make it alive. The amenities include adjustable desks, making them perfect for people who love to stand. Meeting rooms, and views of the Peak District. A number of printers, scanners, and copiers. Furthermore, presentation screens, and a kitchen with snacks.

There’s only one membership you can sign up for, which is the all-inclusive one. You only pay once per month and receive a ton of things. The price includes meeting rooms, office supplies, daily cleaning, 24/7 building access, drinks, and even a full-service kitchen. And what’s even better is that it’s pet friendly. Bring your pets and Beehive Lofts provides them with drinking bowls and treats!

Beehive Lofts location: Jersey Street, Ancoats. Manchester, United Kingdom. M4 6JG

3. Clockwise Manchester

coworking space manchester

A beautifully designed space located in Linley House, all ready for you to use. Clockwise Manchester is a coworking space Manchester and the building itself was built in 1963. It used to be an electrical station and powered the whole city. So now it’s an 8-story building and has some of the best facilities. You have 24/7 access to the property.

Its location is the best, it’s in the city center. There are breakout areas, kitchenettes, and club lounges. There’s space for events, three meeting rooms, and even a podcast recording room. The reason why these office spaces are worth paying for is the connections you can make there.

One can choose from a private office, virtual office, day pass, club lounge, or dedicated desk. The dedicated desk is perfect for people who wish to go on a daily basis. It has lockable storage for your everyday needs. But if you just need to get away from your home, get the day pass. It gives you access to the lounge, breakout spaces, and kitchens.

Clockwise Manchester location: Linley House, Dickinson St, Manchester M1 4LF

4. Colony Piccadilly

Colony Piccadilly is for creative thinkers and doers. It’s a space open 24/7, therefore, in case you are a night owl or an early morning person, you can go anytime as you please. There are freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and even established companies. This is the coworking Manchester space you didn’t know you needed.

Rent out office spaces, suitable for 2 to 50 people. Then there are the coworking spaces which are best for teams of 1-6 teams. Let’s not forget about the meeting rooms. A total of 10 meeting rooms are equipped to hold any type of presentation or conference. In the Piccadilly location, there’s a social bar where you can drink tea, and coffee and have a chat with anyone.

Then the collaboration zones are designed for discussions. Colony Piccadilly coworking office space Manchester is nearby the Northern Quarter. It’s also within walking distance of the Arndale shopping center and it has amazing views of St. Peters’s church. Moreover, if you wish to go to the gym, you can do so as the Pure Gym, Deft Motion and Proper Gym are nearby!

Colony Piccadilly location: 5 Piccadilly Place, Aytoun St, Manchester, M1 3BR

5. WeWork NO. 1 Spinningfields

coworking space manchester

You might be familiar with WeWork already. It’s a worldwide office rental agency popular with companies like Slack, Microsoft, SalesForce, and many more. It is also available in huge cities like New York, Los Angeles, London and of course Manchester. In Manchester, there are 4 locations to note: The Hanover Building, Dalton Place, No. 1 Spinningfields, and One St Peter’s Square.

The Spinningfields one is a popular space and it is beautiful! You do have to sign up relatively fast, as these spaces tend to be occupied quickly. Choose from private offices, dedicated desks, hot desks, and even pay-as-you-go. This is perfect in case you are traveling but still need an office to do your work.

The amenities include bike storage, a wellness room for nursing mothers, praying, and meditation. Showers for those that cycle to work. Event spaces with lounges. Cleaning is done every 2 hours to ensure the Manchester coworking space is safe to use for everyone. Another useful option is that you can view how many spaces they have left to rent out. In case you need more, you can just plan ahead.

WeWork NO. 1 Spinningfields location: Quay St, Manchester M3 3JE

6. Colony Jactin House

The second of the Colony best coworking space Manchester we must mention is the Jactin House. This is situated in the middle of Ancoats, the center of the city, just next to New Islington. The office space once used to be a place for mill workers and was originally built in 1881. It was renovated in 2016. Jactin House is made for creative minds, entrepreneurs, and for those who just want to get out of their houses and build connections.

It is nearby Piccadilly station, and whether you choose to travel by train, tram, bus, car or cycle, it has great transport connections overall. There are three main things to notice. Plenty of workspaces that we’ll discuss in detail in a moment. There’s a kitchen that offers tea, coffee, and fresh fruits. Furthermore, the collaboration zones are designed for individuals to meet and discuss their idea. this way you do not disturb anyone at their workstations. There are also screening and meeting rooms.

Choose from dedicated desks, and floating desks which are flexible and you can pick any Colony location. Day passes are also available, however, only from 9 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday. The private offices are made for companies or groups of people who work remotely but still need a creative room every now and then. And the best thing? it also has a roof terrace! You can work in the open air if you wish to.

Colony Jactin House location: Jactin House, 24 Hood St, Ancoats, Manchester M4 6WX

7. Huckletree Ancoats

Huckletree Ancoats is a funky place with spaces in London, Manchester, and Dublin. These are not your usual coworking spaces, but rather give a more playful and colorful area. The Manchester coworking space is located in the old Express building. What can you find here? Firstly, a podcast studio. It allows you to film your podcasts in an already organized space.

You can also host pop-up gigs in the Live Lounge. The Imaginarium is where one can recharge themselves and meditate. But don’t worry about privacy, the privacy booths are perfect for zoom calls or video calls and they are soundproof. Need to connect with others? No problem! The Collaboration zones are the one for you!

The different types of memberships will allow you to choose the best office space for your needs. For example, a private studio, resident desk, floating, as well as light or day passes. If you only need to get away for a few days, the 10-day pack should be enough for you. You pay a monthly fee and go whenever you wish. The private studio is also great if you wish to be with your teammates or business partners.

Headspace Manchester location: The Express Building, 9 Great Ancoats St, Manchester M4 5AD

8. The Sharp Project

Are you looking for coworking spaces Manchester for creative minds just like yourself? The Sharp Project is in a 200k square foot warehouse. It has over 70 unique spaces and offices and over 60 companies already taking up space here. This is something you’ve never seen before. The spaces that you rent out are actually in a shipping container. Choose between red, blue, and gold, each has its unique features.

This coworking Manchester has a lot of stages suitable for shooting just about anything. Films, television, and commercials are all equipped with green screens. Even a studio to choose vehicle commercials! Furthermore, the Sharp Project holds meeting rooms and event spaces. Book them for your next creative event, work party or conference.

The Sharp Project location: Thorp Rd, Manchester M40 5BJ

9. NEO

coworking space manchester

Looking for the best coworking space Manchester? NEO is a beautiful office complex offering modern facilities and furnishing. It is located in the Bruntwood Works Pioneer building. You have free access to Spark, which is the building’s business support program. The Gym is available and you get a discount. Furthermore, you’ll meet so many different people as there are social events and a gorgeous roof terrace.

It’s easy to get around, transportation is only 5 minutes away. NEO offers futuristic offices. You can either rent out a whole office or just a coworking office space Manchester. If you choose to take out an office space, it will allow you to take a flexible lease, you’ll also get bespoke design and management services, plus it is dog friendly!

The coworking space is really worth it as you can hire a dedicated desk, you’ll have access to the lounges and coworking studios plus a discount on meeting rooms. Speaking of meeting rooms, NEO has gorgeous offices that allow you to rent them out any time of the day. And if you just need a virtual office, that is also possible. You’ll receive a postal address and you will not need a physical office.

NEO Location: Union, 2-10 Albert Square, Manchester, M2 6LW

10. Work.Life Manchester

coworking space manchester

The last of the coworking spaces Manchester is situated in the central area of the city. And it does have the perfect location, between the Northern Quarter and Arndale. The office is designed in a modern way, it’s functional and elegant, and it has everything you need. The offices are laid across two floors, and natural light peaks every day.

One can choose between flexible hot desks, meeting rooms, phone boots, lounges, a fully equipped kitchen, and so on. Furthermore, it also has showers, free yoga classes, breakfast, wellness, free tea, coffee, and snacks, and even weekly beer and pizza nights. And you can bring your pet to work as well!

Private desks are available for 2-30 people with meeting rooms included in the rent. Coworking is possible either by paying as you go, or you pay a monthly fee and getting unlimited access. There is a difference between the two, if you just pay as you go you can only visit the office from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm. Meanwhile, you’ll get unlimited access if you sign up for a monthly fee.

Work.Life location: Core, Brown St, Manchester M2 1DH

Best Coworking Space Manchester – Coworking Manchester

We are at the end of our list the coworking spaces in Manchester. These are great for start-ups, companies, entrepreneurs, artists, and so on. There’s even one for people who want to shoot commercials and need huge studios. Choose the best based on your location and the amenities you need. Many of them have showers, a gym, meeting rooms, kitchens, and even more! Don’t forget to read our articles on the best coworking spaces in London and the best coworking spaces in New York.

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