what causes a starter to burn out

10 Steps on how to overcome a burnout

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A long time ago, the burnout phenomenon didn’t really exist as formulated like this. With time, through a series of negative factors such as excessive stress, disappointment, and the relation with the present’s challenging facts, burnout had become one of the most experienced conditions among people who have too much on their shoulders. What causes a starter to burn out? Struggle and stress! Having burnout means that you are mentally and physically exhausted. Everything that might be easier to handle before, became like a burden. There are different levels of burnouts, and everyone experiences them in different settings and amounts. Then, how to overcome burnout?

What cause a starter to burnout? – What are the signs of burnout? – How to recover from burnout?

Everyone can experience the burnout feeling, at the moment when it becomes impossible to cope with the amount of stress that it’s accumulated over a period of time. Also, a series of negative happenings that feel like never stopping. What causes a starter to burn out is the 3 things that if done or felt too much, stress, work, intensity. Maybe you are an entrepreneur who feels like it took too much work at the beginning, or you find it hard to pass the interview for a new job.

The signs of burnout can be either emotional, either physical or both together. Some of the first signs that you have to recognize are the continuous necessity of coffee, struggling to wake up and start the day even after a good sleep. Moreover, it’s feeling helpless and without motivation, starting to procrastinate, and losing your work, and isolating yourself from others.

These are the first signs that indicate you having burnout. You have to be very careful with it and listen to your mind and body telling you that you have to slow down a little and take care of yourself. There are steps, and ways on how to come back together after everything had become dark and tiring, and you just have to take the 1st step into it. It’s important to find out what causes a starter to burn out, in order to start overcoming it. It’s better to burn out than fade away.

1. Find the source of burnout – Do you take too much, too fast just because you feel able to do a lot?

what causes a starter to burn out

The first step into overcoming burnout is finding the source that caused it. There are many things that happen in your life and not all of them are bad. What causes your burnout? Work, home, people, a new thing? You must dig deep inside your mind to find the answers in order to solve them.

Find out your burnout reason and you will understand what is necessary to do next because it won’t go away alone. If you are the person who does too much, too fast and doesn’t stop until the body asks for it, your brain and body won’t handle it for so long. It is absolutely fine to stop, to take a break, to go for a bike ride, or jogging. We are not robots, and we do need to rest. Not just physically, but mentally too.

2. Feeling burned out? Find the possible solutions – Slow down, or quit!

what causes a starter to burn out

Now that you know what is the source of your burnout, take a list and think about the possible solutions. What causes a starter to burn out? Being overwhelmed gives you a level of anxiety that is hard to handle for many. You must examine your possibilities and take into consideration all the solutions you could have. That is how to recover from burnout.

It’s not very easy to recover from burnout, but if feeling better would enquire to quit some of your tasks and responsibilities, or even quit your job, you should do it! Obviously, giving up isn’t and shouldn’t be ever your first choice. If you need a break, take a break. If you feel that not even a break, a trip, or any other solution could work, then give up, and look for better options.

3. Ask for help from someone close – They could give you support on how to overcome a burnout

what causes a starter to burn out

It’s very hard to be open and talk about serious matters to people around you, such as burnout. Some people will never understand how does feeling burned out actually feel. Or, how does it feel to be empty inside and outside as well, when they only knew you as a speed rocket, always handling everything. They might judge you or chit-chat about what could have happened to you, but not try to help you. That is when you get disappointed and you never share your struggle with anyone. Don’t be ashamed, it’s better to burn out than fade away.

But, if there is someone close enough, and who deserves to know what happens to you, you should talk to them. The way how conversation, listening, and sharing works is magic, and receiving a good word from a close friend, makes you inside feel supported and not so alone anymore. Plus, a close person who cares can help you in finding solutions on how to recover from burnout by brainstorming around the issue. Communication is really important!

We’ve seen people who couldn’t communicate their problems, couldn’t solve their burnout and continued going on the devastating road they were on before. This road, without asking for help leads them to the worse things that a person can do to themselves… So just remember, communicate. Your loved ones will want to help!

4. Start prioritizing yourself – What about travel? Not doing enough things you enjoy is what causes a starter to burn out

what causes a starter to burn out

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Do you remember the last time you actually thought about something that you want to do, learn, or practice, but outside of your work, or so? Maybe it’s hard to take control over your burnout and change how you feel, but it’s not so hard to think a little bit about yourself.

Do only what has to be done, until your every allows you, say no to further commands, and after work focus on recharging for the next day. Then, you’ll have a little more time to give yourself the chance to become better. A trip to Europe, Spain, Italy, or somewhere on a tropical island can be the answer. For me, Rome was the place that helped. And if you’d pick Rome, make sure you check St Peter Manor for a stay!

Travel has been proven to be one of the best things to do when facing burnout. It is the best way to disconnect yourself from everything that makes you upset, weak, and tired. Try a weekend travel to overcome burnout, and try to explore new things, new places, and perspectives. You will feel different on your return, and maybe closer to burnout recovery. Traveling solo is what many people did when things went bad, thanks to the lonely journey of discovering something new.

5. Set boundaries – You cannot meet up to everyone’s expectations and accept every request

what causes a starter to burn out

You are not responsible for anyone, and you are not supposed to say yes to everything. Not setting any limits on the time you spend on others, and also the commitments you stick to, leads to an overwhelming burnout. Our bosses, our family, our partner, everyone on this planet is set up to expect more of others than they should, or the other people could do for them. Learning to say no IS FINE, say no to the things that don’t make you comfortable, or overwhelm you way too much!

By starting to set some limits during your burnout recovery, you will see how many setting boundaries contributed to your well-being process. You have to start selecting which are the very important commitments. Then, accept only those because you are maybe a cool multitasking machine, but it shouldn’t be abused. So just remember that you are worthy, and you are strong, and also that you need a break! Don’t be anyone’s lapdog!

6. Try to remember the things that make you happy – What brings joy to you?

what causes a starter to burn out

You might have been so happy about the fact that you could do so many things, respect so many deadlines, work on such different things. And you were so proud to wake up every day and do it all over again. Maybe time wasn’t your best friend when it came to responsibilities and commitments. Or when you pushed yourself across the realistic line of capability. During your burnout recovery, you will realize a series of stuff that has been happening and you weren’t aware of. Be prepared. It’s better to burn out than fade away, and feeling burned out can play a good role in you realize how strong you are. Also, what does it mean to be you?

Take a new step and remember what makes you happy, and brought so much joy to you before your schedule leads to burnout. Maybe you like singing, dancing, playing something, or reading a book. Little pleasures, hobbies, sports, and the little things that define you as being you are your next step to a better place.

7. Eat and sleep well, and gain back your strenght – Those work on how to overcome a burnout

what causes a starter to burn out

To be able to balance yourself, two of the most important factors are eating and sleeping well. Healthy meals, especially cooked by you, make a new routine and a new way into becoming better. Food can boost your mood in such a special way, importantly is you are a gourmand. The ingredients possess a number of vitamins, minerals that get you back on track. Don’t forget, it’s better to burn out than fade away, and not enough self-care is what causes a starter to burn out.

Sleep is the time you give to your body and mind to rest and reset. If you don’t get a good amount of it, your burnout would keep continuing without any change. Setting a good sleep schedule and give time to your rest, will contribute a lot to how to recover from burnout.

8. What causes a starter to burn out? – Separate the work life from your personal life – Find the balance

what causes a starter to burn out

Another thing that causes a starter to burnout is not balancing the work life and personal life which leads you to end up burned out. Work-life is one, and your life is another thing. If you continuously mix them and live like this, you will never have a burnout recovery. Who are you in your free time? And what are the thoughts you have during this time?

It is very important to wash away whatever happened at work or whatever your thoughts may be, and make space for correct personal time, filled with your own needs and pleasures. But how to do it? It’s all simple mind control. You must train your brain when you’re not working to enjoy whatever you are doing, and you must practice leaving everything that’s not work-related for the time that you’ve finished work.

Mind practice to separate work from life

To stay in the present, no matter that the present right now is during working hours, or time with family at home, you just have to do one single practice. If you’re working, put your phone away, look at your work, and concentrate on it enough to get completely soaked up by your task. If you don’t let anything distract you, you will be much more efficient in your job and much happier. When you finish work if you want to go for a bike ride, or just relax on the sofa, or cook something, concentrate your mind on the pleasure and the feeling of joy for being able to do something other than work. You know, saying thank you for the small things.

This is a very easy task, as you can see… But it’s training to your mind that you must do continuously, otherwise, it won’t become normal. You must keep focusing on this little training, and doing it every day. That’s how your mind will slowly transform, and the idea of separating work and personal life won’t be an issue anymore. This is a very important mind practice, especially for Entrepreneurs and Startup owners!

9. Accept that trying to do too much on your own is not healthy – Too much to handle is what causes a starter to burn out

what causes a starter to burn out

You have to accept that doing too much stuff on your own will not only make you better at everything and train you to cope with lots of activity. It will also affect your help, and you won’t feel that in the beginning. When having a burnout, it’s better to burn out than fade away. Then, you really have to realize that your health is all you’ve got. If you lose your health, you won’t be able to do anything that you could have done until now.

Ask for help from others in the tasks that they can be part of as well, do not try to demonstrate that you’ve got it all alone when you clearly start having burnout symptoms. What causes a starter to burn out is not sharing the group work because he or she wants to prove something to himself, or to others. Also, to get easily to the goal. Once one realizes this, he or she is one step closer to burnout recovery.

10. Try extreme sports as a way on how to overcome a burnout

what causes a starter to burn out

Sport has been proved as the best way to improve your mental and psychological health. It is demonstrated how practicing a sport brings positive energy and motivation, while making you be present right exactly where you are. It had also thought us how to take breaks, train, gain control, and set up personal expectations of ourselves. Have you ever tried something more than an aerobic class? Swimming, triathlon, running a marathon, rock climbing, or anything like that?

Sport can be one of the best ways to overcome burnout, thanks to the training that it does to you, as responding to stress. Extreme sports can be the way to recover when feeling burned out, It is the one thing you can do by yourself, having complete control of your own action and canalize your energies inside.

Obviously, I don’t tell you to climb the Himalayas right now! Every sport can be started in small. Do the easiest Via Ferrata ever, or start a rock climbing course… Buy a road bike, or whatever sports you’d prefer. The key factor is that it should be an activity that’s stimulating your adrenaline and it’s challenging you. It’s amazing how our minds react when our bodies are challenged.

What causes a starter to burn out? – Take care of yourself enough, and you won’t risk having a burnout

After all those about what causes a starter to burn out being said, and also the 10 tips on how to overcome burnout, it’s pretty clear that feeling burned out can be definitely combated. One of the most important things on how to recover from burnout is taking care of your mind and your body every time you feel a little overwhelmed. Many people experience burnout, and it’s different for everyone. But recovering your energy is possible!

What is a big burnout for you, can be a smaller one for another. We do not exist to make differences and to weigh how everyone feels. We should all focus on solving our own problems, to discover what triggers us and how we can manage to overcome the challenges of an excessive mind and boxy exhaustion. Moreover, we learned that priorities are how to overcome burnout, that feeling burned out can create a new start in our self-perspective and make us start to set boundaries as well. We also have learned about the power of help from a close one.

It is not an easy trip to overcome burnout, but we all know that it’s better to burn out than fade away, and then to finally realize that it can be overcome. Follow those tips, and you will thank yourself later when all will be brighter! Remember, that no big person in history gave up just for one burnout. You shouldn’t either!

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