25 Most Inspiring Women in History

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Do you need some inspiration in your life? As women, we often find that we should or shouldn’t be doing certain things. We have brought to you a list of inspirational women in history, inspirational black women in history, famous women artists in history, famous women singers in history and also famous Latina women in history. We have gathered 25 of the most inspiring women in history and wrote about their accomplishments. What did they do to help women be where they are today in society.

You should definitely read about these strong women in history as they proved everyone around them wrong. Some were queens, others singers, artists, authors. They all had and have one thing in common. These strong powerful women in history wanted to make a better world for women. They didn’t care about the men influences in their life. None of them cared about what society said about them. Just continued to be fearless, powerful and ready to conquer (some literally conquered). It shocks me sometimes how women are taught to be the weaker gender, yet queens and rulers have fought and won wars against thousands of men. If you feel inspired, let’s read about the famous women in history.

1. Frida Kahlo

Inspirational women in history
Frida Kahlo – Photo from Aware Women Artists

Mexico’s greatest artist and one of the most inspirational women in history, Frida Kahlo. Her legacy still lives today. Her paintings are one of a kind and she proved how even when life is difficult, you can still grow and achieve great things. Frida was born in 1907 to a German father of Hungarian descent and a Mexican mother of Spanish and Native American descent. Her artistic persona may probably come from when she would use to help her father in his photography studio.

Although paintings and photography are quite distinct, she acquired a sharp eye for details in those years. In 1925 Frida was involved in a bus accident and during her recovery is when she taught herself how to paint. She’s really one of the strong women in history.

Frida Kahlo was also a Mexican Communist and that is where she met her husband, Diego Rivera. He is the one who encouraged her to paint and I think we are all very grateful for that. Her self-portraits are truly colorful works of art. The themes include the human body, identity, and death. She really embraced her heritage and struggles with femininity which she reflected in her art and she remained an icon even through the 21st century. She’s definitely one of the most inspiring women in history.

2. Gabrielle Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel – Photo from CR Muse

One of the most famous women in fashion history is Gabrielle Chanel. The fashion icon, the woman who changed the whole trend of women’s outwear in the 20th century. She represented the simple, elegant, attractive concepts that are still the main concept of the Chanel brand. Gabrielle however isn’t all just about fashion, because she belongs to the group of successful people who came from nothing and built up something huge on their own.

We didn’t fully understand her until we didn’t go through many challenges that she went through. Coco Chanel was born on the 19th of August 1883 in France, in an era where women had almost no rights. Her parents were poor, and she lost her mother when she was 11. At that point, her father gave into an orphanage for her daughters, where Coco learned to sew. This was followed by a series of challenges, through which she was trying to make a living, by working as a seamstress and also attending to sing at cabarets. Later on, she met a French wealthy man Etienne Balsan, and she moved to his chateau for 3 years.

Here she met the love of her life, an English Boy’ Capel. It’s thanks to Boy’ that she managed to move to Paris, and she managed to open her first shop. They have been together for some time, while at the end of WW1 he married an English royalty, but he couldn’t move on from Chanel. He died in a car accident in 1919. About this, Chanel said that losing Boy’ she lost everything, and whatever followed after, the success, the business, nothing hold happiness anymore afterward. The French fashion designer, who’s also one of the most inspiring and most famous women in fashion history, Gabrielle Chanel died in 1971 in Paris.

We had to dedicate more space for Coco Chanel in this article, since she was a big inspiration for many years, and her words “My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.” were what motivated me for many years. – This section was written by Helga, the owner of MIRA Digital.

3. Queen Victoria

Inspirational women in history
Queen Victoria – Photo from British Heritage

Queen Victoria is one of the strong powerful women in history who is still remembered today. Born in 1819 in Kensington Palace, London, she was the only daughter of Edward, Duke of Kent. Because of this, she became Queen at the age of 18 after William IV’s death. It wasn’t unusual then to become a ruler at such a young age, however, for a woman it must have been difficult. She married Prince Albert who was her mentor and helped her through difficult times as a rule in a ‘constitutional monarchy’.

Queen Victoria was interested in arts, culture, science and communications. We can thank her for the industrial expansion, educational advances, the abolition of slavery and workers’ welfare. She literally carved out a new role for the monarchy. Doing all this while also being a mother of 9 children. I mean talk about inspirational women in history, Queen Victoria was definitely one.

4. Cleopatra

I always found Egyptian culture fascinating. Having an Egyptian Queen to look up to, even in those early ages is a powerful feeling. Born in 70 or 69 B.C., she was the daughter of Auletes. She also became a ruler at the age of 18 alongside her 10-year-old brother, Ptolemy XIII. She was one hell of a queen, influencing Roman politics during crucial times. Cleopatra also had a really good relationship with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

The Egyptian economy was thriving thanks to her, as she skillfully established trading with Arab nations. The reason for her popularity was due to the fact that she embraced the Egyptian culture and the country was prosperous during her rule. Did you know that Cleopatra was the last active pharaoh of Egypt? Her son was also pharaoh after her suicide, however, he was briefly assassinated and with that, the line died. Cleopatra, one of the first inspirational women in history, also influenced the way the Western empire would be governed.

5. Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Wollstonecraft – Photo from FEE

All of these famous women in history have helped us become the women we are today. They have carved out a better future for us. The same can be said about Mary Wollstonecraft, who was an English writer born in 1759. Her beliefs can be found in her novel Vindication of the Right of Woman (1792), a classic of feminism. She believed that the educational system was training girls to be incapable and thoughtless.

If the system gave the same opportunities to girls as to boys, it would later help women be exceptional wives and mothers and also be capable of excelling in different professions. Changing a system built to make women the inferior race would have benefited all society.

A few hundred years later we are praising strong women in history and also strong women of today who are behind successful men. At the end of the day, no man or woman is better or worse, however, the power lies in understanding this and accepting it. Mary understood this. She fought for women to have better education and more opportunities. She was truly one of the most inspiring women in history who made a difference.

6. Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks – Photo from Biography

One of the inspirational black women in history is Rosa Parks, born in 1913. She was a civil rights leader who refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa is called “the mother of the civil rights movement”. Born in 1913, she suffered from tonsillitis as a child. Both of her grandparents were formerly enslaved and had a strong voice for racial equality. We can only assume this is how Rosa was raised to be as well and why she is so remembered today.

She was taught how to read by her own mother at a young age. Racism was so strong in those days that African American students were literally forced to walk to school, while the rest of the kids were offered bus transportation. She married a man named Raymond Parks who was a member of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). Her arrest happened on December 1, 1955. She explained later that she was tired of giving in all the time hence her refusal to give up her seat.

Even though it wasn’t mandatory for colored passengers to give up their seats to white passengers, the bus drivers in Montgomery made it a custom to ask any black passenger on the bus to give up their seat if white passengers were standing on their feet. Thankfully she was released on the same night on bail. If you ask me, Rosa Parks definitely made the list of strong powerful women in history and for inspirational black women in history for speaking up and fighting for her right and for the rights of many more after her.

7. Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf – Photo from Financial Times

Let’s see who are the famous women singers in history. One of them would definitely be Edith Piaf, a French singer and also access whose interpretation of the chanson made her famous. Two of the most known songs are “Non, je ne regrette rien” (“No, I Don’t Regret Anything”) and “La Vie en rose” (literally “Life in Pink”). The reason why her songs and life was so fascinated is due to the fact that she drew inspiration from her own life tragedies.

She was abandoned by her mother at birth and taken in by her grandmother. After she recovered from meningitis, her father, who was a circus acrobat took her with him while he performed. Edit Piaf was singing in the streets of Paris and not earning much. Until she was discovered by Louis Leplée, a cabaret owner who gave Edith her first nightclub job.

She made her theatrical debut in 1935 and within a few years, she was singing in the largest music halls of Paris. It is really sad that her life was so unhappy that it made her expressive in her songs. Her songs were usually about loss and love which made the audiences emotional and probably feel the pain she felt when singing those songs. She was involved later in several car accidents that affected her health slowly. Like many of the famous women artists in history, she was also an alcohol and drug user. She dies of liver cancer at the age of 47. You might be wondering if her unhappy, tragic life is what made Edith become one of the most inspiring women in history.

8. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor – Photo from Biography

We have one of the famous women in American history, Elizabeth Taylor. Born in London to American parents in 1932 she was famous for her stunning violet eyes, jewellery collection and her numerous marriages. I mean, I would love to be famous for my jewellery collection and beauty. She wasn’t just recognized for her unmatched beauty, Elizabeth also featured in movies such as “One Born Every Minute (1942)”, “National Velvet (1944)”. She also won two Academy Awards for her work in “Butterfield 8 (1960)” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1965)”.

The career of Elizabeth Taylor covered more than six decades of films and she proved how she could take on emotionally charged characters. I believe in that time this was normal, for the famous women artists in history to play extra dramatic roles, which they performed extremely well. So where does her talent from acting come from? Her mother was an actress until she got married. Elizabeth started dancing at the age of 3 and even gave recitals for Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret. Let’s see the men she dated and married.

The first man we know of she dated at 17, Howard Hughes. Her first marriage was to Nicky Hilton, the hotel heir. Can you believe she married 8 times during her life? If anyone says actors have it easy, they are really wrong. This just proves how even actors are struggling with love and make the wrong choices. That is what makes them heroes, they are not afraid to be vulnerable and show their successes and also failures to the world. She is one of the most inspiring women in history.!

9. Marie Curie

inspirational women in history
Marie Curie – Photo from New Scientist

I’m pretty sure everyone knows Marie Curie or known before marriage Maria Salomea Skłodowska. This genius mind discovered radioactivity and to this day she is the only woman to win the Nobel Prize in two different fields. Definitely, at the top of the most inspiring women in history and famous women in history. Marie already had a remarkable memory of her childhood. She won a gold medal at the age of 16 for her secondary education at the Russian lycée.

She was also the first to earn a license in physical sciences in 1893. In the spring of 1894, she met Pierre Curie. They married in 1895 and started working together to achieve great results in the world of science. They discovered polonium and radium a few months later in 1898. Although having two daughters, Irène and Ève, Marie still did not give up her love for science and continued to discover great things. The turning point in her life was the sudden death of Pierre. This didn’t stop her but pushed her to do even more.

She was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1911. Curie developed the X-radiography during World War I with the help of her daughter Irène. She understood the need to accumulate radioactive sources, in order to treat illness but also to supply for research in nuclear physics. Sadly, she died of leukemia caused by the radiation she was exposed to. Her ashes were enshrined in the Pantheon in Paris in 1995, she was the first woman to receive this honour for her achievements. I can only respect her for all her achievements as a strong powerful women in history.

10. Queen Elizabeth II

inspirational women in history
Queen Elizabeth II – Photo from Independent

England’s beloved queen and probably the most inspirational women in history and also one of the strong women in history and today. Remember Queen Victoria? Her great-grandmother? She used to be the longest rule in British history, however, Queen Elizabeth II beat her to it in 2017. She has been on the throne for 69 years. People often think rulers should be tough in the favour of the nation, and Elizabeth was definitely tougher in the previous years, probably she believed it would be the best. When Princess Diana passed away, she was criticized for not addressing the circumstances of the event. Since then she has been more open and showing her emotions to the public.

Do you know the cool thing about the Queen? She visited over 116 countries during her reign. Of course, she did have the funds to do it, but she could have just stayed on her throne. She visited other states and royalties. Even as she got older she never gave up this habit. Growing up I would always see these pictures of her and presidents. How she even outlived some. She has met with 13 presidents so far, the first of them was in 1951.

She really is a legend. Because we are #bossladywannabe’s, it’s important to mention how the Queen was and is fighting for women to be treated equally. As a woman, she was not supposed to be sitting on the throne for this many years, however, the Succession to the Crown In 2013 changed that. Now Princess Charlotte also has a chance of being a queen when she grows up. Is Queen Elizabeth II also at the top of your list amongst the most inspiring women in history? Let us know in the comments.

12. Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I – Photo from History Today

Queen Elizabeth, one of the strong powerful women in history and also regarded as one of the greatest monarchs in England, was born in 1533. She was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Her childhood was definitely tough, as Henry VIII beheaded her mother and removed Elizabeth from the line of succession. She also received the title of ‘Lady’. So how did she become queen then? Thanks to Catherine Parr, she was reunited with her father and received a good education. Elizabeth finally sat on the throne after half-her brother Edward VI and her half-sister Mary I both died.

The important fact about her is that she was sometimes called the ‘Virgin Queen’ as she never married. She was a few of the famous single women in history. Elizabeth chose England over having a family of her own. Do you think that makes her one of the most inspirational women in history? We certainly think so. Being so devoted to your own country is a huge role. She established Protestantism in England and defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588. She was also a lover of art and made sure a safe environment was created for art.

13. Sissi

Sissi – Photo from History

Empress Elisabeth also known as “Sissi” was considered a true beauty during her reign and amongst the most famous women in history and also famous women in fashion history. Although she was obsessed with having a perfect figure and taking care of her body, she was truly beautiful. I remember visiting The Hofburg Palace in Vienna and learning all about Sissi. This was the main Habsburg residence in town and that is where Sissi lived.

I remember learning about her extreme diet only consisting of orange, milk and eggs. She had this obsession with weighing herself three times a day. The exercise was also not missing from Sissi’s life, although I fail to understand how she managed to do that considering her poor diet. After the age of 32, she refused to sit for portraits, this way people would only remember her in her youth.

She had the title of Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary as she was married to Emperor Franz Joseph I. Although she was born to a royal family, her upbringing was quite informal. When she married Franz, she was pushed into the royal life which she found uncongenial. Her only son died and she never recovered from this. She was so sad that she had a palace built on the Island of Corfu where she spent most of her time. Sissi was stabbed by Italian anarchist named Luigi Lucheni. She was the longest-serving Empress of Austria at 44 years.

14. Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Lady

inspirational women in history
Margaret Thatcher – Photo from Yahoo news

You might have heard of Margaret Thatcher, another one of the strong women in history and also famous women in history. She was a British Conservative Party politician and prime minister. Not just any prime minister, but Europe’s first woman prime minister. She was also the only British prime minister in the 20th century to win three consecutive terms. She is known to have accelerated the evolution of the British economy. To be called the most renowned British political leader since Winston Churchill is definitely a great achievement, and puts you on top with the rest of the strong powerful women in history.

It is quite ironic because she said to the press “There will not be a woman prime minister in my lifetime”. Yet 5 years later she proved herself wrong and became a prime minister and also one of the most famous women in history. We are lucky to have had her, as there was an attempt to take her life in 1984. A time bomb was planted at the hotel in Brighton where she was staying, however, she was at a different part of her suite and thankfully escaped. Her words after the attack were “The fact that we are gathered here now, shocked but composed and determined, is a sign not only that this attack has failed, but that all attempts to destroy democracy by terrorism will fail.” Let’s see more of the inspirational women in history.

15. Ilona Zrínyi

Ilona Zrínyi – Photos from Wikidata and Google Arts and Culture

The next one of the strong women in history and also one of the most inspiring women in history, particularly in Croatian and Hungarian history is Ilona Zrínyi. She was one of the last surviving members of the Croatian Zrinski/Zrínyi noble family. After she married the second time, to Imre Thököly, she helped him in the Kuruc uprising against the Habsburgs. She was most certainly a strong woman as she defeated the Palanok Castle in Munkács for three years against the forces of General Antonio Caraffa. Sadly she had to give up the castle in 1688 only if the Rákóczi estate would remain in her children’s name.

Ilona and Imre managed to find each other again as Ilona joined him in Transylvania due to a prisoner exchange between him and the Habsburgs. Sadly, they both had to go into exile in the Ottoman Empire. Ilona lived in Galata and died in 1703. She is taught to be one of the greatest national heroines, patriots and fighters for freedom. Even though she didn’t succeed in defending the castle until the end, she still fought until the end. She also gave birth to another legend Francis II Rákóczi who continued to struggle for the independence of Hungary. She certainly deserves a place on this list of inspirational women in history.

16. Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt – Photo from Quiet Revolution

You might know her because of Franklin Roosevelt, however, Eleanor also made a name for herself by her achievements throughout being the first lady. One of the most famous women in American history and also strong women in American history, she was an inspiration to all. She was orphaned at the age of 8 and was raised by her grandmother, Valentine Hall. Did you know that Franklin was her cousin? A very distant one of course, however, that is how their names stayed the same. Like Teddy Roosevelt said, “Franklin, there’s nothing like keeping the name in the family”.

She also helped women in her time just like the rest of the most inspiring women in history on our list. Female journalists were usually excluded from media events at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. She hosted a series of ladies-only press conferences as this pressured papers into hiring more women reporters. This little act also helped her win over female voters on behalf of her husband. The saying is true, “behind every successful man is a great woman”. This was the case of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. She also helped draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I mean what a woman! Let’s see another one of the famous women in American History and strong women in American history.

17. Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald – Photo from Discover music

Ella Fitzgerald also happens to be one of the most inspirational black women in history, famous women artists in history and also famous women in American history. So what do we know about Ella? Her love for jazz came at a young age. Her favourite singers were the Boswell Sisters in 1988 and she tried to sing just like them. Little did she know she will still be talked about in 2021.

Her first time on stage was in 1934 at the Apollo theatre. It was her stage debut. She was only 17 at the time! Even though she entered to dance at first, she soon realized she was better off singing. This was the first step into her career. Can you imagine Ella was a shy person? Whoever has to sing in front of many people, must not be shy. It seems like singing was such a great passion of hers, that she forgot her shyness and just sang.

They said about her that she always kept herself to herself and to her music. That is probably why she is still the most famous women singers in history. Her voice was truly magical and one of a kind. She was also helped my Marilyn Monroe! Two legends gather together. Although back then, they probably didn’t know their legacy would live on this long. She remains to this day inspirational black women in history.

18. J.K. Rowling

inspirational women in history
J.K. Rowlings – Photo from Readers’ Corner

The author of the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling will always be known for her HP books. We all have seen and read the famous story of Harry Potter. Children grew up reading these stories or following the movies. Even though she finished the books a long time ago, new editions are still printed, Harry Potter themed clothes, stationery, accessories are still being bought. How did she become so famous then?

This might sound incredible, however, her first manuscript of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was rejected 12 times. The novel was saved by Bloomsbury and thanks to them we can read these stories today. This honestly proves nothing should stop you. No matter how many times you are rejected! J.K. Rowling was the first female billionaire novelist in 2011, however, quickly lost this status as she gave £100 to charity. There was a debate after she lost her title, that technically she still was the first female billionaire as she had that money. She is not just an author but a true philanthropist. It is quite ironic because she was never a “good” student. She was too busy reading Dickens and Tolkien rather than studying for university. You just start to wonder how did she have the imagination to write such a story. She is one of the most inspirational women in history, in our history and I am sure she will continue to be even in a few hundred years.

19. Jane Austen

Jane Austen – Photo from Dinora-lu

I’m sure everyone heard about Jane Austen or read one of her books. Pride and Prejudice are amongst the most famous ones, which is why she’s considered just another one of the inspirational women in history and famous women artists in history. She was an artist indeed. She began writing at the age of 12. Jane would write parodies and humorous pieces. Parodies of romance novels.

By the age of 23, she already had drafts of her future novels Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey. Did you know that her first novels were published anonymously? She was trying to become an author at a time when women were expected to be wives and mothers. Women were not looked at nicely if they would have become writers.

Just like Edith Piaf, Jane also drew from the experiences of her own life, or should I say the lack of experiences. Her novels are about marriage, yet Jane remained single her entire life. Just like Queen Elizabeth I, Jane was also another one of the famous single women in history. Even though we celebrate her success today, while she lived her novels remained anonymous. Don’t think she didn’t have her fair share of romance. She had many love affairs, but neither ended well. We’re almost at the end of the most inspirational women in history, let’s see who else is left.

20. Zelda Fitzgerald

inspirational women in history
Zelda Fitzgerald – Photo from The New Yorker

Ella is known to be the most famous women artist in history and famous women singer in history. She was a writer, dancer, and Jazz Age celebrity. She was a wild child from an early age She smoked, drank alcohol and would often sneak out of her parent’s house to spend time with boys. We lover her because she was fearless, daring, and attention-seeking. That’s probably why she is also another one of the famous women in American history and strong women in American history.

Because of her free spirit, she came a symbol of the 1920s. As this photo shows, she was trained to be a ballerina. She took some lessons in Paris with dancer Lubov Egorova. Sadly, she suffered a mental breakdown in 1930 and had to end her ballet career. Zelda Fitzgerald’s mental breakdown didn’t stop her. She was painting and writing during her recovery.

She was diagnosed with schizophrenia although some say today she would be considered bipolar instead. Although she was in the hospital, she continued to paint and also wrote novels. She was killed in a fire at the Highland Hospital in North Carolina. Her death was a tragedy as she was stated and locked in a waiting room while the fire spread through the hospital. Today she is famous for personifying the carefree ideals of the 1920s flapper and for her marriage to F. Scott Fitzgerald.

21. Catherine the Great

Cathrine the Great – Photo from Lottie

What do we know about Catherine the Great? She was Russia’s longest-ruling female leader, however, her name was neither Cathrenie nor was she Russian. She was the daughter of a Prussian prince. Her real name was Sophie von Anhalt-Zerbst. Thanks to her mother’s well-regarded bloodlines, she married to Peter the Great. Due to converting to Orthodox Christianity, she became Ekaterina or Catherine. She was the longest female ruler in Russian, ruled for 34 years. Catherine is known to have led Russia against the Ottoman Empire. How did she learn to be such a great leader? For a woman to lead wars, make men fight against each other and also make Russia the dominant power in South-Easter Europe.

Catherine the great considered herself to be one of Europe’s most enlightened rulers. Rightly so, as she wrote several books, pamphlets, and educational materials trying to improve the Russian education system. She was also an art lover, a fan of Voltaire. Cathrine died from a stroke in 1796, although many were speculating that she had a more “eventful” death than this. She still remains the national pride for many Russians. Even though she wasn’t originally Russian, she achieved great things during her reign. It’s safe to say that she was one of the strong women in history in her time and also the most inspiring women in history.

22. Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc – Photo from Smithsonian magazine

I’m sure you have also heard about Joan of Arc, one of the strong women in history and most famous women in history, especially in French history. She was considered a martyr saint and military leader. Was believed to be acting under divine guidance, she helped the French win over the English during the Hundred Years’ War. She was born in 1412 to farmers. Joan would take care of the animal and she became skilled as a seamstress. As the English started to invade France Joan started having mystical visions. These visions became more vivid and made her believe that she will be the savior of France.

Joan of Arc took the courage to go and talk to Charles about these visions and of helping him become king. He was not certain what to make of this peasant girl, however, Joan identified him amongst the crowd. She explained how Charles prayed to God to save France. As we already know, Joan did help the French win the battle and Charles became Charles VII, with Joan of Arc right beside him. Although she was considered a saint, her death was rather sad. She was found guilty of heresy and burned at the stake. Only after her death did she become a martyr and Charles VII cleared out her name. She is now a patron saint of France. Do you know of any other strong powerful women in history like Joan of Arc?

23. Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir – Photo from A Pilgrim in Narnia

Simone de Beauvoir was one of the most preeminent French existentialist philosophers and writers. Her works include writings on ethics, feminism, fiction, autobiography, and politics. Just as the rest of these inspirational women in history, Simone also fought for the equality of women. In “The Second Sex” she articulates how women accept the roles assigned to them by society.

To this day her this philosophical work remains a central text in the investigation of women’s oppression and liberation. She gives voices to freedom, responsibility, and ambiguity. Simone was working alongside Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. Besides being a philosophical queen, she also received a Prix Goncourt award in 1954 for her novel “The Mandarins”.

You can already see the difference throughout the years in how society accepted women as philosophers. Because her work was during the 1940s until she died in 1986, society was a bit more receptive over what women can and can’t do. Simone supported one thesis all her life and that is of an individual must have the basic options regardless of their sexuality. This meant that women should have equal rights at work the same roles as men, for example, being in the press, philosophers and so on, which they were forbidden in those times. We can thank Simone, one of the most famous women in history for fighting for equality!

24. Catherine de’ Medici

inspirational women in history
Cathrine de’ Medici – Photo from History Tea Time with Lindsay Holiday (Youtube)

We are almost at the end of our list of strong powerful women in history. Catherine de’ Medici was one of the most influential personalities of the Catholic–Huguenot wars. Three of her sons were kings of France. This is what we want to hear when we talk about the most inspiring women in history. She raised three sons to be kings while also excelling in life herself. Although she was taught to be fertile as she didn’t have any children for 10 years.

She was accused of witchcraft when she gave birth to her first son in 1544 and soon after 9 more children. Cathrine is blamed for the St Bartholomew’s Day massacre. Thousands of Huguenots were killed and many believed that Cathrine was involved in this in an attempt to remove their leader.

Many are still asking to this day whether she was a really evil queen. According to history, she used poison to murder her enemies. At the same time, she was also a fierce ruler and no wonder, because the Medici name is still known today. Did you know that she was also called the “Serpent Queen”? As brutal as she was, she still influenced the history of Europe and having 3 king sons just proves that even behind the madness there was some genius. Of course, nowadays, we look at these actions as fascinating, as they were in a time where war was quite “normal”, kings and queens would rule and conquer. What do you think of her actions?

25. Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales – Photo from The Mix

Some still wonder how the world would be if Diana would still be alive today. She was loved and her death was a shock to everyone. The Princess was most known for her charitable actions and her fashion image. She was one of the famous women in fashion history. Diana became a part of the royal family when she married Charles, Prince of Wales in 1981. The Princess of Wales was just a housekeeper, nanny and teacher before she actually became a Princess. She dated Prince Charles for 6 months before he proposed. She was the first British citizen to marry the heir to the British throne in nearly 300 years. Diana gave birth to Prince William and Prince Harry.

Even the royal family is full of dramas, as we know today. Charles had an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles and Diana couldn’t handle this so she agreed to divorce him. Of course, the Princess of Wales still kept the title and received a fair amount of money. She was truly generous, working with charities to help homelessness, AIDS, leprosy and cancer. She died in a car accident in 1997. Her funeral was followed by millions. After her death, she was remembered as the “People’s Princess”, who was not born into royalty and proved how she is not afraid to help those in need. She was never afraid to touch and hug AIDS sufferers and helped change how AIDS patients were treated. We can only imagine how much she would have achieved if she lived today. She deserves the title amongst the inspirational women in history.

Most inspiring women in history

There you have your strong powerful women in history, famous Latina women in history, famous women in American history, and inspirational black women in history. We love reading and writing about these strong powerful women in history who have helped society look at women the way they look now. Although some actions might have been radical, at that time they were crucial. These women all prove that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and also if you have help. I think people tend to talk less about the people next to you but concentrate just on that one person. None of these women would have achieved great things if they didn’t have help.

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