10 Reasons Why Giving Up Shouldn’t Be an Option

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To give up, or to continue the process, even if we don’t know what would be the outcomes at the end? They always say, fight for your dreams, but it feels like nobody understands how hard it is for you to get closer to the goals. Motivation has become a really important subject to be debated nowadays, and how losing it can lead to a dark mental state of feeling defeated. But sometimes, a little bit of motivation to keep going arrives, and it’s the tiny amount that you need in order to keep reaching for your dreams.

There are lots of ways and hows in fining the never give up motivation, such as never give up motivation through sport, motivation speech never give up on your dreams, motivational songs to keep going, people telling you that they are never gonna give you up, never give up motivation through sports, and the list continues. Never give up never surrender!

How can giving up lead to a self destruction path? – Fight for your dreams and keep reaching for your dreams

motivation to keep going

Quitting may be the easiest option when things get hard or worse depending on the situation. Still, we have to learn how to fight the moments that make us give up on our dreams and hopes with the motivation that a good thing might occur.

Are you scared of challenges? Or maybe about the fact that the future is unknown? Once you try something for the first time, and it’s quite hard to manage, you will tend to feel like giving up if it’s not bringing the expected outcomes as fast as you want.

The only thing you should know is how to keep your head up and continue your journey without giving up. In this article, we present you some reasons why giving up is not an option, and what might happen if you decide to give up. You will also find out about the amazing things that can happen if you keep going and start to believe in yourself.

1. It can become a bad habit and you will slowly lose the motivation to keep going – What motivates you to keep going?

motivation to keep going

We know what does it mean to have a bad habit and to do it for a long period of time. Bad habits install into our routine and after a while, they stick to us as if there is no possibility to give up. Smoking is a bad habit and drinking as well.

The list might continue with numerous bad habits, until it should end, before adding giving up on it. If you give up once, twice, and keep doing it many times, you risk transforming it into a formality. As there is no bright at the end of the tunnel, and you just give up the path you follow over and over again.  Fight for yourself and your dreams, try never give up motivation through sport.

2. You will never know what hustle can bring

motivation to keep going

Hustle is something that brings the brightest smile, once you realize that everything that you did, turned into something that becomes more pronounced. By giving up, there is no chance that you can see how is it to finally get back what you gave, in happy little treats from the universe, telling you to hold on and keep going.

There are many times when we have the motivation to hustle because we really believe in what we want, but other times the anxious side in us makes it really hard to cope with the challenges. Hustle more, and you’ll see where it gets you and find out what motivates you to keep going.

3. You could miss the last step to a great success – Find out the motivation to keep going

motivation to keep going

We all know the stories of long journeys for finding the treasure. And about the people that gave up only some steps ahead discovering something unbelievable. It is everywhere on the topic of motivational stories, quotes, and sayings. All those things are real.

Even if it’s hard and you feel like giving up, it is definitely not an option. There is another saying as everything happens for a reason and we have been given what we can carry, so carry on a little more, and then embrace the success you deserve for never giving up on your dream. Success achieved!

4. The main phrase in your mind will become “what if” – Keep reaching for your dreams

motivation to keep going

What if I would have done that? What if I would have left, changed my job, divorced? This phrase had become more and more apparent in our minds as our motivation is too low to makes us able to take a risk into the unknown. One thing that should be kept in mind is that many beautiful stories of endings, new beginnings, growth have started because people actually decided to make the change and risk a little bit.

Probably one of the best things to do when feeling low is to listen to motivational songs to keep going. Fight for your dreams while doing it. All those, in order to not use what if later, and wonder about how could life be right at this moment if they would have done something at that time.

5. You will never learn from your mistakes

motivation to keep going

Mistakes are made to learn from them. We all do mistakes, we all pay for them as well.  They should better be associated with lessons that needed to be learned. It should be like this rather than categorizing ourselves as mistakes makers, people who only do a mistake after another. If we get there, we would just feel bad about ourselves and never overcome a moment, because we didn’t learn the lesson from it. Never give up never surrender even if it’s hard. Mistakes make us stronger.

6. You will face the biggest discouragement and lose the motivation to keep going – Explore what motivates you to keep going?

motivation to keep going

People tend to discourage us when it comes to moving on from something that hurts us. Awkward situations tend to discourage us as well, making us believe that we are really the dark vision that we have about ourselves.

Besides all those discouragements, the biggest discouragement that you will face when giving up is from the inner you, that feeling that everything is over. Filled with all types of disappointment, if you are not thinking clearly about your goal, you will tend to discourage yourself from keeping the dream alive. Encourage yourself by remembering how much strength you’ve shown so far.

7. You won’t be able to discover your passions through

motivation to keep going

Passions are things that we discover in time, by trying, exploring, and practicing something. Passions come from the first taste of something to the desire of doing it more and more. That is why they always say that If you live through your Passions, you will live happily.

They also said to put your passions into professionalism, so that you will finally combine the work necessary with the pleasure of being alive and doing what you love. If you give up straight away after starting something, or even when it gets harder, you risk never discover your passions and see what brings you the most joy. Fight for your dreams, and reach your goals through passions.

8. It can happen again and again – Never give up never surrender

motivation to keep going

Never give up never surrender. Risks can be hard, changes can be overwhelming and journeys can take lots of time. But, if there is motivation and wish to make a change, even if you don’t know where is gonna take you, you should do it.

There is no one to tell you that you cannot change, not even you. It’s all a matter of faith and time until you’ll see that overcoming the moment you wanted to give up, lead to a major change in your life. Never give up motivation through sport plays a big role in your growth. Be grateful for who you are and the sincere decisions that you took for your own good. Once in a while, listen to some motivational songs to keep going,

9. You’ll never learn how to overcome challenges – Find the never give up motivation

How to overcome challenges? There are so many different challenges for all of us. Different from each other, and different the challenges. Someone might have to overcome a challenge that is big for himself, but others may categorize it as nothing.

Overcoming challenges will take you to a whole new portrait of self. It will give you strength, power, and faith to continue, as what was hard is slowly passing. Still, if you give up, you will never learn how it is to really overcome a challenge and take pride out of it. Never give up never surrender should be your first law. Never give up motivation!

10. Struggle is not failure

motivation to keep going

Fail should be also associated with learning. Not everyone makes it the first time they try. And not everyone at the same time. We have been thought that if we fail once or twice, we should be ashamed of ourselves and never try again because we risk making shame out of ourselves. Do anything you want. And do it once, twice, until you are bored of it. You will realize what struggle means how can you become stronger and smarter with every struggle that you have. You will not fail, you will just be one step closer to success. Moreover, You are the one designer of your inner self and everything that it’s around you. Giving up should definetely not be an option, keep reaching for your dreams and you are there.

Some last words before ending the article – Don’t lose the motivation to keep going – Never give you up!

motivation to keep going

It is easy to talk or write about motivation, self-love, designing a future, risks, and steps into the unknown. Never give up motivation is hard. The hardest part is when you read something that touches you, and you are not able to follow what is said there. Being in a continuous journey of giving up will only kill you, step by step and you will never be able to experience complete enlightenment.

So, if you gave that tiny spark of hope and trust, along with the desire to keep going, let’s start a new chapter of hustle with positive energy! Don’t forget about the motivational songs to keep going. You should never give u up! If you’re in need of girl boss movies to help you get some more motivation, check out our list too!

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  1. If you don’t believe in yourself nothing will happen, you have to believe so strong that everything will become reality

  2. We should never give up, we are learning from mistakes and the more mistakes we are doing the most successful we will be!

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