Spiritual Growth

50 Law of Attraction Affirmations

Why do we need at least 50 positive thoughts law of attraction affirmations in our everyday life? How a tiny change in your mindset can change your life completely? It’s not magic, it all happens in your brain! See below the law of attraction affirmations for self love and the best tips to make things […]

10 facts that prove that the Law of Attraction works

We want to speak about the law of attraction success stories today, and the facts that prove that the law of attraction does exist, and it does work. However, this is a topic that is really hard to explain in just one article, and it is an argument that is really complex. We’ll see some […]

10 Reasons Why Giving Up Shouldn’t Be an Option

To give up, or to continue the process, even if we don’t know what would be the outcomes at the end? They always say, fight for your dreams, but it feels like nobody understands how hard it is for you to get closer to the goals. Motivation has become a really important subject to be […]

10 ways to attract positive energy in your life

What is positive energy? And how do we get to feel it? The questions that have been asked quite often by those who really want to make a change in their life, and even change it fully. We often do not know where to start from, and what is the little thing that it’s needed […]

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