10 Law of Attraction tips – How does the law of attraction work

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How does the law of attraction work? This is always the question that’s easier to answer, and you could’ve found answers in many different places already, such as The Secret Law of Attraction book as well. The hardest question to answer is how to use the law of attraction! Many of you ask how to make law of attraction work, and below, I’m going to share with you 10 tips for understanding the law of attraction so you can actually make it work for your benefit! There are many people who ask is the law of attraction is a lie, and I don’t want you to continue reading any further before I answer this! The law of attraction is real, it is proven and there’s no doubt about its existence. Believing that it works the way you’re taught it works, well that’s another question! It’s also a complete mistake to ask for tips on the law of attraction to get your ex back, or how to use the law of attraction to win lottery, and I’ll explain why!

How does the law of Attraction work? – A guide to understand how to use the law of attraction

Now, the topic of the law of attraction itself is really big, and it would be impossible to cover it all in one article. If you don’t know yet too much about the law of attraction, make sure to do your research first, then read facts and affirmations, and just after try to use it. How to use the law of attraction is complex, so it’s important to understand what it is first. Moreover, to be able to understand how law of attraction works, you must know everything about the concept first.

We’re going to speak about business law of attraction tips, and I’m going to show you in detail why it’s not true that the law of attraction is a lie. An important question I want to answer before we start is: how long does law of attraction take to work? Those people who say the law of attraction doesn’t work either didn’t understand how they should use it, either they didn’t have the patience to wait for the results. Time is relative, and the universe (or God, or call it as you wish) doesn’t work like just because you want something now, or tomorrow, or in a month to happen, it will happen when you want it. You will get it when the time is right! The faster you understand that time is relative, the faster you’ll learn to live your life in the present and let things happen at the right time.

1. Understanding the law of attraction

what is the law of attraction

The first and most important step in order to even start thinking about how to make law of attraction work is actually understanding the law of attraction. This is the side where already many people fail. When individuals over the years asked me how does the law of attraction work, I said to everyone what I’m going to tell you now too. The first step in changing your mindset to a more fulfilling, more positive, more open version, you must let go of your ego.

This is the hardest thing to do, and the majority of people in the world are practically incapable of doing it. But what is the ego, and how does it affect you and your life? I’m going to give you a few examples! Do you know that feeling when you want something but you also know that you should be patient in order to get the best result? Then, instead of being patient, you do exactly the opposite? Or, when you know you shouldn’t be doing something, but in your head, there’s a little voice saying yeeeees, you want to do it. That’s your ego, the little devil that’s making you do things you know are wrong, but you still do it/say it.

How to silence your ego?

Now, defeating your ego is one of the hardest challenges of all. It took me several years to do it, and sometimes if I feel less powerful, it does take control over. The easiest way to defeat your ego is a practice: You have something to do, your intuition but even your conscious mind knows what’s the right way, and your ego says otherwise, you tell him you shut up now! Ridiculous example, but all of us did it at least once in our lifetime:

There’s a man/woman you really like, and you know you are not supposed to call/text them because you just got home from your first date/he is busy/he asked for time/you broke up, but you still have that little voice screaming CALL THEM! Then, you eventually do call or text them, and you realize right away what a big mistake it was. Sounds familiar? When you’re in any situation that you know that you shouldn’t be doing something, and you can hear in your head your little devil shouting do it, just tell him f*ck off!

Sometimes, it takes months, or even years to learn to naturally stop your ego from bringing wrong ideas into your head. But the only way to live a full, happy, and joyful life is just if you defeat your ego. There’s no other way! And, even if it takes years, you will be living for those years anyway, so why not pay attention a few minutes a day to your ego, and silence it? In the beginning, it also helps a lot if you say it out loud to shut him up.

Understanding the law of attraction

The law of attraction works very simply. You create a thought, a wish, and it’s automatically sent out in the universe. If you create continuously negative thoughts, you will be getting in your life a lot of negativity. Just think about those days when everything just goes wrong, and you can’t understand why? On these days, think through between all the hopps, what kind of thoughts were you releasing in the universe? After the first slap you think okay, another bad day, bring it all in, and surprise, the bad things do actually happen! Why? Well, because you asked for it…

If you continuously use words in your thoughts like if, maybe, when, once, maybe, words that reflect uncertainty, you are sending out to the universe uncertain messages. Then obviously these things will either happen, either not, since you weren’t sure about it when you thought about it. Be certain, ask exactly for what you want. Stop the negative thoughts as soon as they appear, change how you phrase your wishes, and then, and only then you can expect the law of attraction to work!

2. Visualize what you want to get!

what is the law of attraction

How to use the law of attraction the right way? How does the law of attraction work best? You must learn to visualize what you want! It’s not like you ask for a Ferrari, you start visualizing yourself in your Ferrari, then tomorrow out from the blue sky there will be a Ferrari on your car drive. This is what many people don’t understand in the law of attraction!

In order to get something, you must do something about it! Nothing is for free, especially not a Ferrari! If you want something, whether it’s a thing or a person, a situation, or a possibility, you must visualize it. Visualize it deeply, in detail. Spend time doing this, do it, until you feel that you can achieve what you want. Until you set your mind to believe that what you want is going to be yours! It takes practice, and the best time you can practice it peace is if you’re walking in nature alone, before sleep, and if in the morning you have time to stay in bed after you wake up.

For those looking for business law of attraction tips, I must say the same thing. Know your goals, visualize how you achieved them already, and start working for them. The more you visualize it, the better your brain will focus on it. Another reason why asking for tips within the law of attraction to win lottery is again messed up is because it doesn’t work like that. Especially if you didn’t even buy a lottery ticket. I mean you’re expecting that you’ll attract someone with the law of attraction who will buy the lottery ticket for you and win for you? It’s not logical right?

3. Start your days with positivity

10 ways to attract positive energy

We all have our bad days, and our bad mornings. When you just wake up and you’re already feeling down… Many of you might have it frequently, others just once every few weeks/months. In each case, when you want to understand how to use the law of attraction, you must understand that the only person who can actually lift you up is you!

I’ve already said how law of attraction works. Positivity attracts positivity, and negativity attracts negativity. So in order to stay all day positive, you must focus on yourself in the morning. There are many ways that work extremely well to make sure you start your mornings in a positive mindset. I have also written 10 tips to start your day positively, so make sure you check it!

In the mornings, the law of attraction meditation, practicing self-love, pep talks at the mirror, and practicing gratitude are the best way to boost your energy level. Yoga, running, tasty breakfast, and other activities can help too. If you manage to find what works best for you to start every morning with a positive mindset, you can rest assured that your day won’t go down the toilet as easy, as if you would’ve started your day moody.

4. Learn how to live in the present

what is the law of attraction

While for over 10 years I always thought that I’m master of Carpe Diem, to live in the present, I actually understood how wrong I was when I moved to Italy. The country, where the Carpe Diem is originating, and many of the people here do practice it well, without actually noticing it. Another level on how does the law of attraction work is the power of the now.

Without living in the present 100% you can’t ask how to make law of attraction work, since you’re not focusing on what you should be focusing on now. Understanding to live in the present is not easy. We are always preoccupied with the future, what it can bring, what we do tomorrow, or next week, and we let the now slip away without noticing it.

Carpe Diem

How you can learn to live in the present is again all about mind-control. When you’re having a great lunch with friends or family, just stop, look around, and be grateful for that moment. When you pass by a beautiful flower, a nice building, a stunning storefront, just stop and appreciate what you see. If the sun shines on you when you walk out of the house, look at it and smile back! If you taste something delicious, just stop and appreciate it.

Say how great it’s tasting, say it out loud. These small moments that you’re living in right now, and you might just ignore it because it’s normal are what make you appreciate every moment of every day. These moments are what teach you to live in the present. Enjoy it to the fullest, and let tomorrow’s issues come tomorrow.

5. Design your dreams in details – Be 100% clear on what you want

Another big error we can make when we ask how to make law of attraction work is that we don’t imagine a full picture, a full story, we just put the headings in. In these cases, how does the law of attraction work? Well, you might get everything you wish for, but you won’t get it the way you wanted. For example, you want to move to Paris, find a husband/wife and have a good job. You picture yourself in Paris, you picture yourself with your partner, and also you picture yourself with a nice packed bank account.

Many of you might say right now that you’re visualizing exactly like this, the headings. But what if you move to Paris, but you will live in an ugly place, or earn well, but doing a job you hate, or be marrier but not happy? The trick with the law of attraction is, that if you imagine just the headings, you might as well get what you want, but not at all in the way you wanted to. Why? Because when you wished for it, you visualized it, you didn’t complete the picture with the details.

If you visualize just the headlines…

It happened to me so many times, but there’s one I can’t forget. In high school, I had three wishes regarding Budapest, Hungary. First, to study history at the ELTE University, then 2nd was to work at a cultural organization that I really believed in. As the third, I wished to work at the Hungarian Academy of Science. I pictured myself over and over again with all these things, but I never clarified how it should happen.

Then, in the next coming years I did study at ELTE, but just 6 months with Erasmus. I did work at the organization, but just for a summer trainee program, as well as I worked for the Hungarian Academy of Science, as a professional trainee, with no salary. There we go, all my wishes came true, but since I never specified that I would’ve wanted to do university 3+2 years there, as well as to work full time at both places, I did get them, just not the way I wanted it. So it’s really important, to clarify, describe the whole story, not just the headlines.

6. Ask the universe for it, while you’re also working on it

Here comes in again something we already discussed since we started talking about how to use the law of attraction. Asking for what you want, while not doing anything to actually get what you want isn’t a winner method. Understanding the law of attraction, even if you’re not into spirituality is important because you believe or not, this is continuously present in our lives.

How law of attraction works is again about the mindset. De you want your career to reach the skies but you’re playing Solitaire in the office? You want to buy a bigger house but you don’t want to accept the 2nd job, or find a better-paying one? Do you want to lose weight but you keep eating 2 pizzas every night? Most people what do wrong is that they think that asking for something is naturally going to bring that thing to them without moving a finger.

It’s the same for when you’re praying and asking God to bring you love, wealth, or whatever, but you don’t do anything for it. In the movie Eat, Pray, Love I’ve heard a funny (apparently Italian) joke: A man really wanted to win the lottery, so he was praying to a saint saying “please, please, please let me win the lottery”. After so many times he asked, once the statue of the saint came to life and said “My son, please, please, please, buy a lottery ticket”.

Do you understand the message? If you want something, it doesn’t matter if it’s God, the law of attraction, or whatever else, you can’t just get something without working for it. Do you wish to achieve something? Ask it from the universe, and then get yourself to work on it!

7. Notice the signs, listen to your intuition

When you ask how does the law of attraction work, you must understand what I explained about your ego. Now, we all have in our mind the things our intuition is saying, and that our ego does. When we arrive at crosswords, we always have to pick a road, right? So many times we pick the road that our ego says because it seems safer, easier, more secure, more stable.

Then, usually when we head down this road, with time, sooner or later we realize that we did a wrong choice, but in some cases, it’s already late to return. Rebuilding something that you’ve messed up is much harder than if you learn to listen to your intuition, and you make sure you’re picking straight away the right road. Negative thoughts, such as fear, loneliness, uncertainty can make us make the wrong decisions because we think we’re protecting ourselves.

8. Time is relative – Pointless to ask how long does law of attraction take to work!

One of the most important rules about the law of attraction is understanding that time is relative. Asking for something that you want now, because you feel ready for it right now isn’t how law of attraction works. This is really important to keep in mind also for those who are looking for business law of attraction tips! Time is relative in the universe. Just because we humans are obsessed with measuring everything, we aren’t the ones controlling the universe.

If we can’t control something, we must learn to understand it. So, whatever you wish for, love, business, something in your life, relationships, or a new job, you can’t know when you’re going to get it. You will get it when it’s the right time. That might be today, tomorrow, or in 2 years. This is why it’s pointless to ask how long does law of attraction take to work.

You must practice the positive mindset, the thinking as the law of attraction teaches us non-stop. It’s not something you do for 6 months, you see it doesn’t work, then you go and find some other activity. The first step is understanding the law of attraction, how it works, believing in it, and changing our mindsets. It’s hard to change your mindset in one direction anyway, so you can’t really change it back every two weeks. Accept that you can’t control time, you can’t control how things happen. You can learn to handle them, you can learn patience, but can’t ask for specific things to happen at specific times! Remember, everything comes around when the time is right!

9. Practice Gratitude

billionaire morning routine

The cheapest, yet most powerful tool to charge every cell of your body with positive energy is if you learn to practice gratitude! And now, I’m not talking about saying thank you for your coffee at the coffee shop or thanking your mother for a delicious meal. You have to learn to mean it. To feel it from the bottom of your heart that you are grateful.

It takes practice, as we’re naturally not set to concentrate continuously on the positive things. But if you start with small things, like your home, your plants maybe, your friends, family, or partner, that’s already great. Be grateful that the sun is shining, that you get to drink your favorite coffee, eat your favorite lunch, or drink your favorite cocktail. These are great first steps to learning gratitude.

With time, you can escalate, to being grateful for even smaller things. The more you practice gratitude, the more you’ll start to be present in your every day, and you’ll learn to notice even more things you can be grateful for. Those who ever said the law of attraction is a lie, don’t know what gratitude means. And what an amazing effect it has, instantly, on your body and mind. Gratitude releases hormones that make you happy instantly and fill each of the cells of your body with positive energy. It’s best to practice in the morning and before sleep!

10. Trust the whole process

what is the law of attraction

Here’s the last of my tips for those who were trying to understand how does the law of attraction work! Trust, faith! The only solution, if you want to know how to make law of attraction work, is to believe in it. Otherwise, how would you be able to continuously practice it anyway? If you don’t trust and believe in the power of positive energy, a positive mindset, and the law of attraction, you can’t use it properly, and it will never work out for you.

Moreover, you will possibly lose interest in dealing with it consciously very fast. If you want to change your mindset, your life to a more positive version, you must have faith and trust that the process of the law of attraction works in your favor, if you dedicated the time to practice and use it!

Wrapping up: How does the law of attraction work?

As I have said, I know that this topic is really large, and it’s been very difficult to try to fit it into three articles even, but now you should understand better how to use the law of attraction, and also how law of attraction works. I really hope that I was able to fill up the gaps within how this mindset works, and you understood why I didn’t say law of attraction is a lie. Also, you must understand by now why it’s pointless to ask how long does law of attraction take to work, and you’re ready to start practicing and working for a better life, for a better version of you!

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