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10 facts that prove that the Law of Attraction works

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We want to speak about the law of attraction success stories today, and the facts that prove that the law of attraction does exist, and it does work. However, this is a topic that is really hard to explain in just one article, and it is an argument that is really complex. We’ll see some insights about what is the law of attraction, and what is the secret law of attraction? You must all want to know if money and the law of attraction work, or if does affect the law of attraction love life? There are great practices, and the law of attraction solutions to get what we want, but it doesn’t work literally like magic, and this is what many don’t understand. Speaking things into existence law of attraction basic practice that many of us tried, but many have failed. We will see in this and the coming articles the key to living the law of attraction best practices. Here are the 10 facts about law of attraction!

Law of attraction facts and law of attraction success stories

How law of attraction works in a few words: A mindset, where you visualize, imagine, tell what you want, and you will get it. If it would be this simple, everyone would practice it. And indeed, this is one of the main ideas, but just one of them. Obviously, it isn’t that simple either!

First of all, we must state out that even though the law of attraction does exist, and even though we’re going to share facts about law of attraction, this is something you have to learn how to use, in order to work. The key of living the law of attraction isn’t just that you know about it, or you’ve done some research. It’s serious mind training that doesn’t happen overnight! Speaking things into existence law of attraction practice works as well just fine, however, if you’re not using the law of attraction the right way, you might just attract parts of what you’ve asked for, or, it can happen what happened to me, to attract it, but for someone else.

It is really important from the beginning to understand, that even though if you watch a movie like the Secret and it gives you so much hope and excitement that you can actually achieve whatever you want in life, it the law of attraction isn’t easy to master. It takes time, practice, study, control, and much more! We shared also some of the best tips to apply the law of attraction in your life, that worked for us, but for now, let’s see first what are the facts about law of attraction!

1. Law of the Universe

facts about law of attraction

What is the law of attraction? What are the law of attraction solutions? We’ll see that all, but first here’s the first of the facts about law of attraction! It’s just like gravity, the law of attraction is one of the laws of the universe. We don’t question the validity of gravity, since it’s a collective law we know it exists.

So, why do we question the validity of the law of attraction even if we can see it every single day? This works on basis of vibration, and like attracts like. So these vibrations in the universe are automatically matched up with like vibrations. Positive vibrations are matched up with positive vibrations, and negative are matched with negative.

2. Yes, the Law of Attraction DOES Exist

There are thousands of law of attraction success stories, even if they are not officially announced and associated with that. We need law of attraction coaching to master it, but even those who never actually knew that they are using the law of attraction for their success, without knowing that they were doing it. Now, as our second fact, I must just point out if you weren’t sure, that the law of attraction does exist.

This isn’t magic or miracle, or some new age concept, but scientifically proved law of the universe. It’s just how it works. Not only that it does exist, but if you train yourself, you can use it for your own benefit. And, I’d just point it out here, that even if you don’t want to use it consciously, you will be using it. We always use it knowingly or not.

3. Using the law of attraction can benefit our lives immensly

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What is the law of attraction in simple words? A type of mindset, a calm, precise, structured type of mindset, where the ego doesn’t dominate, and positivity is what takes its place. The secret law of attraction has is this. You must fight your ego, and all the negative thoughts it can generate. When you think about money and the law of attraction, or what’s the key to living the law of attraction it sounds simple: be positive. It isn’t that simple though!

We have dreams, we want love, money, and achieve different goals. Using the law of attraction, you can achieve all that you want, but you also must understand, that this is a practice that you have to break down in your mind to a molecular level. It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, where you live, or what your dream is. If there’s one thing that we always heard, but didn’t understand until now, that everything is possible and it all depends on us!

4. You can’t hide from something that’s consistantly present

facts about law of attraction

Some of our favorite law of attraction success stories brought us to meet people who already practiced the law of attraction, but many of them didn’t know they were doing it. The law of attraction works constantly, however, if you don’t know about it, or how to use it, you will still be attracting things, but you might also attract the wrong things.

Another one of the facts about law of attraction is, that you can’t hide from it. It’s there, working, all day, every day! This works through us, and every single being on this planet. The law of attraction, as we said works through vibrational energies. Everything that’s alive, from plants, trees, animals, and humans. To simplify it, the vibration that you are sending out will be matched up with like vibrations that will be sent back. This can’t be stopped, and that’s why it is so important to learn to use it! Speaking things into existence law of attraction strategy is the first of the practice steps. But you must be careful what you say, practicing this method or not!

Even if you ignore the existence of the law of attraction, it will still find you. See for example when you wake up in a bad mood, you don’t see the point of anything and you’re the grumpiest person on earth. We all have those mornings. But, if you let your mind produce those vibrations, you might not be surprised that later on you will split your coffee, or lock your car keys in your car, or do something really embarrassing at work. Because you’re in a negative mindset, and that attracts more negative situations.

Mindset examples

If you know how to use the law of attraction though, instead of letting your mind soak in negative feelings, you look out the window, smile at the sun, be thankful for the new day. Then, you might look in the mirror, telling yourself how strong, brave, or beautiful you are, and you smile to yourself. While your morning coffee gets ready, you walk through the house and you smile for the beautiful smell of the fresh coffee, which after you pick your favorite breakfast, and you smile enjoying its taste.

With a similar practice, you’re already forcing your brain to let go of the negative feelings, and smiling, appreciating every little thing around you is the easiest way to get yourself out of that mood, and start attracting all the good that could happen to you during the day. Such a big difference with such a small effort! And it is indeed all coming from our mind!

5. You need to have faith, and believe

It’s not about what is the law of attraction, but what is that you need to understand at all, then to start learning and practicing the law of attraction! The secret law of attraction is to believe, have faith, and trust. Trust that even when you’re at your worse, there’s always going to be a moment when the rain in your life stops, and the sun comes out. It is the key of living the law of attraction, to believe that nothing is going to last forever, and there’s always something good awaiting you.

If I would have to count how many times I felt that everything is over, my life, my career, my hopes for a better future, and how many times I wanted to give up on my dreams, I couldn’t count it. How many times I faced different, really difficult challenges in life, which after I just wanted to quit, but I didn’t. For many years, it wasn’t the law of attraction that reminded me that things will get better, and I can achieve whatever I want, but one of my teachers told me something important when I was 14!

Always remember that after the rain stops, the sun always comes out!

These words were what got me through so many things. Believing that it is possible. And that’s how law of attraction works. You can’t expect to do a law of attraction vision board, put a Maserati car on it, then do the same low-paying job every day without trying to break out from your current situation. If you want changes, you have to make changes. And this is when the effort comes in.

“There’s a wonderful old Italian joke about a poor man who goes to church every day and prays before the statue of a great saint, begging, “Dear saint-please, please, please…give me the grace to win the lottery.” This lament goes on for months. Finally, the exasperated statue comes to life, looks down at the begging man, and says in weary disgust, “My son-please, please, please…buy a ticket.” – from Eat Pray Love movie. So, do you understand now?

6. Law of Attraction is not Instant. You have a Time Buffer

facts about law of attraction

And here comes the tricky part which for many of us can be the biggest challenge when we want to practice the law of attraction. The secret law of attraction detail that isn’t highlighted enough, and many seem to not understand it anyway, is that you need to be patient! Rome wasn’t built a day, how would you expect that a million dollar business, or the perfect relationship, or the perfect career will happen in a day? Each of the law of attraction success stories, mine too, proved that patience is the key for the whole process to work the right way!

If you lose your patience, you will think or do something, that will put a barrier into the natural way of things should’ve got. In other words, without patience, you are sabotaging yourself! There’s nobody else to blame for that, and especially not the universe. Everything happens when and if we are ready. And if we act without thinking, because our ego is pushing us, because we are not patient, well, that won’t get us any closer to our goals.

Whatever you want to achieve in life, you can’t push it. Just like you can’t push a person who’s not ready for you. The more you insist, the further they go. So, meditation, a clear mind, and a lot of patience are what you need for the law of attraction to work in your favor. Everything works out when the time is right. And no, you can’t define and decide when is the time actually right, sorry!

7. The Law of Attraction affects us all

I’ve already mentioned this before, but let’s look a bit deeper into this one of the facts about law of attraction! Whether you are conscious or not, whether you understand it or not, you are affected. Imagine the number of people who didn’t even hear about the law of attraction, and things are still happening to them. Good or bad, but they are happening.

The easiest way to see how these vibrations work is to have a chat with a sad, angry, or bad-willing person. They will be moaning about everything, talking badly about people they were supposed to love, and picking into everything that surrounds us. When you speak to a person like this, if you’re sharing the same energies, you will engage in the conversation as equal, but if you’re in a positive mindset, you could block these vibrations, listen to this person, not engage in anything, or at last just saying something like “this is a bit exaggerated”.

Most probably, if you consciously know how negative energy affects you, you won’t be hanging out with people who are fused by negativity anyway. What you must understand, that even if not everyone had a law of attraction coaching, you, for your own sake can use the law of attraction solutions to consciously keep yourself away from negative influence, since it is there. Because the law of attraction is present everywhere, in everyone.

8. Your feelings have the biggest impact on the Law of Attraction

The key to living the law of attraction’s best practices is to know, understand and control your feelings. Your feelings are the trigger of attraction. Just think about times, when you were let’s say sad, and you encountered a dog. How did it react? If you are stressed out, and you meet a dog or a horse, you can see from their behavior the best, how much they can feel your vibrations. When I was first told this, I thought, okay, so what if they can feel it?

Well, now, every time I meet a dog, I already know if I have negative feelings inside me at the moment, they will ignore me. If they feel my positive vibrations, they won’t leave the side of me the whole time. Because they naturally are attracted to the positive vibrations, just as humans. That’s why it’s important when speaking things into existence law of attraction must be kept in check. If you’re feeling down, you might way things that are generated by anger or sadness, and you can attract those things too, just as if you were wishing for something good.

Also, the stronger the feelings, the more powerful the vibration is. And again, this is true for both positive and negative feelings! During our everyday life, thoughts are coming and going without having much impact, but there are those that get stuck in our heads, and we give them attention. Once you give attention to a thought, and the feelings that it triggers, the law of attraction is already in the move.

9. Medical Journals support the power of positive thinking

facts about law of attraction

During the years, there were much law of attraction success stories, and many have discussed the secret law of attraction practices. Now, one of the facts about law of attraction and its existence is, that it’s scientifically supported. See in the Yonsei Medical Journal in 2007 for example. A Korean researcher Ji Young Jung found the connection between positive thinking and overall life satisfaction in the population. Positive thinking is a way to boost manifestation potential.

At the medical journal, the author notes these findings offer the promise of positive thinking as an approach for psychological interventions designed to promote life satisfaction. So, what I’ve said earlier, that everything starts in our mind, is scientifically proved and accepted. Also, psychologists support when it comes to the law of attraction, that affirmations really work. At the University of Exeter, they confirmed that people who consistently tell themselves that they can meet a goal are more likely to secure that positive outcome. And this one, I can confirm taking examples from my own life too!

10. Even Neurologists know that visualization creates a better future

Are you starting to understand what is the law of attraction? When it comes to money and law of attraction, or to find for your life different law of attraction solutions, you must keep in mind, that going down this road will pay off, but the road won’t be easy! Scientists at Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at the Institute of Neurology in London have discovered that those who visualize a better future are more likely to be able to make it a reality.

It’s not just because the universe gives you a gift. As I said, you can’t get something if you just wish for it but you don’t move a muscle. But visualizing what you want will trigger you to want it bad enough to get it in the end. Understanding better the concept will take time, but it will pay off well!

Wrapping up the Law of Attraction facts

I’ve also suggested as must-read books for entrepreneurs the Secret to study the law of attraction, but I do suggest it with anyone who just wants to make a positive change in their life. Or actually, continuous positive changes. A few facts about law of attraction mixed with a few details of the secret law of attraction functions is what we covered today! Don’t forget that you must not stop learning to actually start utilizing the law of attraction solutions. We also prepared a post with tips to use the law of attraction, such as how to use a law of attraction vision board, and how it works if you’re speaking things into existence law of attraction style, without thinking. We hope we’ve cleared up somewhat what’s behind the key to living the law of attraction and you’re ready to take your future into your hands!

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