10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips to Kickstart A Happier Life

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Minimalist lifestyle tips can always come in handy. We are surrounded by so many material possessions that learning what is a minimalist lifestyle can prove sometimes tricky. Overwhelming, hard, complicated – choose your word. You have been thinking about how to begin a minimalist lifestyle. This must be because you are surrounded by too much clutter for your own good. No judgment ever between us. Still, if we are meeting here today, it is because living a minimalist lifestyle is attracting you more and more.

The truth is, having a minimalist lifestyle home can make you at least 1000 times happier than any candle, curtains, or china would. To me, it doesn’t matter whether I’m living a minimalist vegan lifestyle or just a life free of all clutter. I just want to be happy. More than that, I want to help you kickstart a happy life with all the minimalist tips I can think of.

10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips to Kickstart A Happier Life

When you are wondering how to start living a minimalist lifestyle, finding the best tricks can actually feel more overwhelming than having all kinds of stuff around you in the living room.

My goal here today is to give you the best minimalist lifestyle tips I can. I was a hoarder for many, many years. A simple minimalist lifestyle looked like something I could never reach. It also looked like a kind of sect lifestyle where only a few chosen ones could actually enjoy a luxury minimalist lifestyle. Worse, living minimalist did not even make sense at times.

I come here today to let you know that it is possible for you to be happy, living a lifestyle where you prioritize people and experiences. Is it not worth all the possessions that you can lose from one day to another?

1. How to Start Living a Minimalist Lifestyle: Quality over Quantity

10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips For A Happier Life - Luxury, Vegan, Simple Life

A simple minimalist lifestyle benefits each and every one of us. It simply starts with the intention of buying less. Almost all of my adult life has been about purchasing, over and over again. I knew an urban minimalist lifestyle would help me feel better, more focused, and more centered. However, I didn’t know how to implement it in my everyday life.

The thing is, a luxury minimalist lifestyle is just a thought away. Prioritize quality over quantity. You do not need that sweatshirt in 10 different colors, I promise. You do not need 18 coats or 300 books in your library. Choose a few, and choose carefully so you can really enjoy your purchases.

2. Living a Minimalist Lifestyle: Declutter

When learning what is a minimalist lifestyle, you will often come across the word declutter. I have been a blogger since 2015, and I started my first makeup and beauty YouTube channel back in 2014. Then, I became a professional makeup artist, and you cannot begin to imagine how big my makeup kit was.

I have since then shifted the focus from full-on blogging and YouTube lifestyle to an urban minimalist lifestyle. Why? I grew tired of owning so many lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes that I never knew which one to use. Worse, I often did not even remember the products that I had bought only the week before.

One of the greatest minimalist lifestyle benefits, when you start to declutter your home, is that you can actually enjoy things with a purpose. It is all about value, saving money, and being more free and independent inside and outside.

3. In With Experiences, Exit Materialism

10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips For A Happier Life - Luxury, Vegan, Simple Life

One of the best minimalist lifestyle tips I could ever give you is to invest in moments and people.  Whether you choose to follow a simple minimalist lifestyle or a luxury minimalist lifestyle, the result is the same. You will be prioritizing services and experiences over owning pieces of the world.

It’s actually pretty easy to know how to start living a minimalist lifestyle. The only thing is that we’re often afraid that it will take away from our happiness. On the contrary, when you spend less money on material things, you have more budget to actually live life. A simple minimalist lifestyle to help you take back the control.

4. Practice Being Grateful

One of the minimalist lifestyle benefits that I have seen improve my life dramatically is being grateful. It is very easy to let yourself fall into the pattern of “I don’t have enough money”, or “I don’t have enough time”.

How about starting your urban minimalist lifestyle by being grateful for at least two or three things or moments every day? This could be being able to spend time with your loved ones or achieving a professional task that you didn’t think you would be able to complete in less time.

What is a minimalist lifestyle is about much more than just throwing things away. It actually brings you knowledge about yourself and helps you unlock different levels of your life. That’s much more enlightening and satisfying than the temporary joy that any new phone or skirt could ever bring you.

5. One of each!

10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips For A Happier Life - Luxury, Vegan, Simple Life

Well, on the how to begin a minimalist lifestyle, start by throwing away and stopping buying duplicates of your objects. A minimalist lifestyle home is an asset. That’s one of the most basic minimalist lifestyle tips I could give you. Do you really need 10 or 12 glasses in your cupboard? Do you need that many pairs of shoes?

Whether you’re trying to follow an urban minimalist lifestyle or a minimalist vegan lifestyle, start by decluttering. One good thing to start feeling the minimalist lifestyle benefits is to hold on to a box of all those duplicates. T-shirts, plates, books: if you’re afraid to miss something, keep them in a box – out of sight first.

After some time, if you still haven’t needed any of those products or items, let them go. With that, you will also let go of the stress of not knowing where to put them or when to use them.

6. Mindful Fashion

10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips For A Happier Life - Luxury, Vegan, Simple Life

A luxury minimalist lifestyle starts also with fashion. We have become absolutely crazy about fast fashion. We’ve witnessed the growth of a fast fashion industry that releases collection after collection after collection instead of just 2 to 4 collections per year. In the meantime, we have also seen the expansion of the slow fashion industry.

To learn how to start living a minimalist lifestyle, you need to open your wardrobe. Do not be afraid of throwing away the torn-out elements, the too-small T-shirts, and the washed-out tops. You know you will never wear them again anyway. That’s one of the best simple minimalist lifestyle tips I can give you. 

Day after day, when we are getting ready for work, we waste so much time trying to figure out what to wear. That’s because we usually keep loads and loads of crap fashion outfits that just don’t fit or suit us anymore. It’s time to let go and breathe in a mindful fashion sense.

7. Simple Minimalist Lifestyle Tips: Meal Prep!

On how to start living a minimalist lifestyle, I have something to say about food. We waste so much money on food when we don’t meal prep… I have written an article about the minimalist lifestyle benefits of meal prepping once or twice a week. 

Wouldn’t it feel like the luxury minimalist lifestyle to not have to care about getting dinner ready day after day? It’s easy. Take one or two days a week to plan and prepare everything you need for the upcoming week’s meals.

This is also fitting for an urban minimalist lifestyle. You know, when you are so busy that you end up buying any junk food that you come across after work because you’re tired and in need of sugar. Do a meal rotation, focus on nutritious elements, and you will gain time, energy, and positivity.

8. Living a minimalist lifestyle: life-audit regularly

10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips For A Happier Life - Luxury, Vegan, Simple Life

It’s amazing to know what is a minimalist lifestyle and a how to begin a minimalist lifestyle. Still, our life evolves with our mindset, and with all the circumstances surrounding us. A good thing to start with is a minimalist lifestyle home with as little decoration as possible, except mindfully chosen elements.

If you’re choosing to turn towards a minimalist vegan lifestyle after some time, good for you. That’s even better for the environment too. You just need to choose what your priorities are. But priorities change. That is why it is good to do a life audit regularly.

When you sit down, you can think calmly about everything that you have managed to do for yourself since you started a minimalist kind of lifestyle. No pressure. It is all about defining, redefining, and upscaling your priorities. As a result, you will become more mindful of the atmosphere around you, and become happier day after day.

9. Minimalist Lifestyle Tips: Self-care

How to begin a minimalist lifestyle should start with self-care. It is actually all about self-care, about doing things that are essential and priorities to your happiness and growth. We’ve talked about meal prepping. It is essential to not eat junk food as it will make you crave more junk food, and drown you in a negative kind of lifestyle quickly.

As we feed our minds, bodies, and homes, they feed us back. If you choose a minimalist vegan lifestyle, it can be good to take a half day to wonder what are the best vegan products or ingredients that you can feed yourself with. Or look for the best value vegan brands of shampoo or face creams.

When it comes to a minimalist lifestyle at home, you should see decoration as a form of self-care too. As such, choose carefully what kind of frames, art, or scents you fill your home with. Everything is linked and connected. You can really upscale and upgrade everything inside and outside to level up your happiness.

10. Minimalist Lifestyle Home: Refrain From Buying

10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips For A Happier Life - Luxury, Vegan, Simple Life

Refraining from buying is the first step to how to begin a minimalist lifestyle. It does make sense, of course, but living a minimalist lifestyle does not mean that your cravings for a new book or a new soft blanket will vanish magically.

Also, knowing what is a minimalist lifestyle will not save you from wanting things. It’s an inevitable temptation in the world we live in today. You just need to remember that our society is built to make you consume. It is built to make you believe that you need material things to be happy when happiness is actually in the here and now.

Start a minimalist vegan lifestyle or luxury minimalist lifestyle, while looking for your true purpose. Why are you diving into this kind of lifestyle? If you’re not doing it for yourself, you’re doing it wrong. Self-care – remember, you should come first.

When you stop yourself from buying things you don’t need, you’re not doing this because you just want to save money. There is a bigger purpose, a purpose of living a simple life. This will shift your focus from an endless quest for pleasure to utter peace.

10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips to Kickstart A Happier Life

I hope you have learned what is a minimalist lifestyle with me today. With all of the minimalist lifestyle tips I have given you, I have started to use myself, in my own life. I have felt so much happier from the first moment I started to throw away all the things I didn’t need. Even happier when I started using and being grateful for all the objects I already have.

In the end, they are all just objects. Living a minimalist lifestyle benefits each and every person who wants to put more meaning in what they do and who they love. When you start detaching yourself from all your belongings, that is where you show true strength and willpower.

Now that an urban minimalist lifestyle is more in vogue than ever, I truly think this is a wave everyone would benefit from surfing on. There is so much more that I have to share with you. If you want to learn how to implement happiness in your life with the law of attraction, that is one of the best things you’ll ever do in life.  Trust the process of these minimalist lifestyle tips, and stay happy.

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