Self Education

50 Law of Attraction Affirmations

Why do we need at least 50 positive thoughts law of attraction affirmations in our everyday life? How a tiny change in your mindset can change your life completely? It’s not magic, it all happens in your brain! See below the law of attraction affirmations for self love and the best tips to make things […]

10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips to Kickstart A Happier Life

Minimalist lifestyle tips can always come in handy. We are surrounded by so many material possessions that learning what is a minimalist lifestyle can prove sometimes tricky. Overwhelming, hard, complicated – choose your word. You have been thinking about how to begin a minimalist lifestyle. This must be because you are surrounded by too much clutter […]

10 Reasons Why You Should be Reading Books

Reading is a great way to switch off the mind. You can learn about the benefits reading does to your brain and daily life. The reason why I love reading so much is due to the fact that it gives me new ideas. Reading can make you feel creative and quite powerful as well. I […]

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