50 Law of Attraction Affirmations

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Why do we need at least 50 positive thoughts law of attraction affirmations in our everyday life? How a tiny change in your mindset can change your life completely? It’s not magic, it all happens in your brain! See below the law of attraction affirmations for self love and the best tips to make things work in your life. Find out which law of attraction affirmations for love you should use, or if the career is your priority, learn the law of attraction career affirmations to get you to the next level! You can teach yourself to believe in yourself without someone’s help. There’s no such a thing as impossible! Everything is possible, you just need the right tool and the right mindset!

50 Positive thoughts Law of Attraction affirmations

One of the first things before you even start reading the law of attraction affirmations is to understand one key factor on using affirmations, creating them, and living by the law of attraction every day. You must avoid everything that’s reflecting negativity, or it’s sending out the message to the universe of a possibility. In order for the law of attraction affirmations for self love, or the law of attraction weight loss affirmations, or any other types of affirmations to work, you MUST BELIEVE in what you’re saying.

If you have any kind of doubt in what you’re saying, you’re already sending out the wrong message to the universe. In order to really see how the law of attraction affirmations for love, money, or the law of attraction career affirmations work, you must be confident in what you say. You can’t say maybe, I might, I could, I would like, I’d prefer, I should, or any other world that is not confident. Instead, you must say I will, I have, I get, I want, I must. If you give the universe, and yourself the possibility of doubt, the energy in your words loses its strength, and what you might want to achieve, won’t happen.

Many people say the law of attraction doesn’t work. It does! The only people who say it doesn’t work are those, who couldn’t learn to use it the right way. Also, you don’t have to believe in the energy of the universe, in God, Buddha, Allah, or whoever else in order to use the law of attraction. Everything is born, everything starts in our mind. If we’re not taking it to any spiritual level, just the fact that you are confident about what you want will make you do everything to achieve it. It’s that simple. No religion or belief is needed. The only thing you need is to believe in yourself, and the law of attraction is a tool that can help you learn that! Now let’s see all those affirmations, and make yourself notes for all the happiness affirmations law of attraction has.

20 Law of attraction affirmations for self love

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Loving yourself, treating yourself the best way possible is the most important step into a happy future. The law of attraction affirmations for self love is to help you do those first necessary steps, that later will become natural habits. These include the law of attraction weight loss affirmations, as well as the law of attraction affirmations for love. You are on this earth to live, to love, and to manifest positive things. Happiness affirmations law of attraction offers is simple!

There’s one easy practice for this, that you can do every day, as many times as you need. Stand in front of a mirror, and say all your positive, self-loving affirmations out loud. Compliment yourself in words, not just thoughts. If you love your hair, your skin, your outfit, the perfume you’re wearing, or whatever you can see in the mirror that you love the most that day, say it loud!

Say to yourself such as I love my…. and what that is. Ages ago, it felt ridiculous to do this, and I didn’t feel the call at all to start talking to myself in the mirror. However, when I understood that this is actually the easiest way I can make myself feel good, happy, confident, or strong, I started practicing, and you can’t imagine how much positive energy and power this practice brought me the past year. Just stop focusing on things you don’t like about yourself, accept and love your body as it is.

Law of attraction affirmations for self love

  1. I love and value myself
  2. I’m strong, and that makes me also confident
  3. My life is my own creation.
  4. I’m unique, and that makes me beautiful
  5. I am energy, I am life, I am love
  6. I am guided by my beliefs and intuitions.
  7. Grace, power and love are my main qualities
  8. I’m capable of growing and changing
  9. I am worthy of anything I desire.
  10. I’m brave, and I’m not afraid to do what has to be done
  11. I care for myself on emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level
  12. Setting boundries for myself is because I care about my wellbeing
  13. I love myself unconditionally
  14. I am worth of love and happiness, friends and a partner who respect me
  15. Loving myself means that I surround myself with positive people
  16. I attract all that I desire.
  17. My dreams are reachable, and I can reach them because impossible doesn’t exist for me
  18. I’m grateful for everything that I have
  19. I am peaceful and happy.
  20. I am Living the Life of my Dreams.

10 Health & Wellness Law of Attraction Affirmations

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Many of you want to know what is the best law of attraction weight loss affirmations. What you must understand, that it’s not at all your weight you should focus on. You should focus first and most importantly on self love. The practice and affirmations I’ve given you above. Then, as your love and respect for yourself grows, losing weight, building muscles, getting some more weight, or whatever you want to change on your body will naturally start working without you forcing yourself.

When you love yourself, you don’t go jogging with thoughts like ahh, I have to dress up again, run like an idiot, again, to finally lose some weight. This is the type of thinking that stopped me for 7 years to lose weight. Because I was doing it out of hate that I felt for my body, instead of doing it for my body, and for my wellbeing. Can you see how simple it is to use the law of attraction? You just have to train your mind to look at things from a different angle. From the positive side.

As soon as I started loving myself as I was, losing weight became effortless because I wasn’t looking anymore at food like an obsession, but the tool that makes my body healthy, beautiful, and strong. Therefore, I didn’t want to feed my body anymore with fast food, or unhealthy things. And at this point, I learned also to keep my limits in eating. Just because my eyes are craving for something, doesn’t mean my body does too. And if I let my EGO take over, I will actually do BAD to my body.

Health and wellness affirmations

  1. A value and I’m grateful for my health
  2. I release all negative thoughts and welcome positivity, light, and abundance
  3. My body is perfect
  4. I can do anything I put my mind to.
  5. Taking good care of myself every day is priority
  6. I achieve my weight loss goals – law of attraction weight loss affirmations
  7. Nutrition, healthy food, and activies keep me healthy
  8. My cells are full of positive energy
  9. With every breath, I inhale life, vitality, joy, and happiness
  10. Nothing can stop be to become my best self

10 Law of attraction money affirmations – Wealth and career affirmations

If you ask which is the part of my life where I can use the law of attractions the best way, that’s definitely the career. If you have a dream, if you want to achieve something, you already have the power to do it. The biggest lie I ever heard when it comes to law of attraction careef affirmations is, that you are not good enough, experienced enough, strong enough, etc. When somebody tells you that you’re dreaming too big, and it’s impossible to achieve it, you have two options.

First, you believe these people, and you start believing that you’re not enough. Second, you can smile to them, walk away, and say to yourself that there’s nothing in this world that I couldn’t do. You can do anything! It all starts in your mind, though. If you tell yourself that you’re not enough, you will never even try to be more. However, if you tell yourself that everything is possible, you will keep trying to make the impossible happen. Now, obviously the only way to achieve something is if you’re working for it. If you’re just sitting, telling yourself that you’re not enough, nobody will come and put your dream ready in your hands. It’s up to you which road you choose!

Law of attraction career affirmations

  1. I attract money easily and effortlessly
  2. Wealth follows me everywhere I go
  3. I am grateful for what I’ve already achieved
  4. New possibilities are always welcome in my life
  5. I am successful!
  6. Money is flowing into my life naturally
  7. My thoughts are powerful, therefore as I think, I am
  8. There are no limits to my creative power
  9. My business/career brings success, wealth, and satisfaction to me
  10. My dreams are always manifesting.

10 Powerful Affirmations For Relationships 

As a social person, I’ve had many friends during my lifetime, and there were also hundreds with whom I don’t speak anymore. If you have self-respect, and self-love, you don’t want any more people around you who have a bad influence, or who don’t add anything positive to your life. Whoever I’ve got rid of during the past years, I did it because I felt that that person was holding me back, giving me bad advice, or trying to take me down a road that my intuition knew it’s bad.

You don’t need people in your life who can’t add to it! These persons aren’t a loss at all. The loss is if you keep them around you, and it is your loss! Open the door for new people, new situations, and find those unique persons who can inspire you, make you feel good, loved, and secure. Find those who believe in you and your dreams. Who is standing next to you no matter what? Who help you love yourself, and teach you to have to give more love to them.

Believe me, that there are plenty of individuals to find who are like this! You don’t need to keep bad influence, negative people around you just because you’re afraid of change, or loneliness. Doing that, you’re hurting yourself more, than if you’d just take a different path, and look for something better. And indeed, what I just explained goes for friendships, love, work, and everything that you’re doing. It’s also one of the most important detail to remember when it comes to the law of attraction affirmations for love.

Relationship affirmations

  1. I am worth of love and respect
  2. I am overflowing with love and joy.
  3. True Love is arriving soon
  4. My relationship is strong and undefeatable
  5. I have the most amazing, most inspiring, meaningful friendships
  6. My life is full of amazing people who love me
  7. I invite passion, love and romance in my life
  8. My heart is open, and I give love and support to those I love
  9. Every day I attract people who help me achieve my goals
  10. I am grateful for my friends, partner, family

Why do we need the law of attraction affirmations?

As I highlighted many times now, you are what you think about yourself, and you create the life you choose. It’s nobody else who’s going to do it, or not do it for you. What you want is what you get, and what you want to do is what is going to take you further, or leave you stuck. The law of attraction affirmations for self love is key. You must learn to love yourself unconditionally in order to be able to change things in your life.

Those who wanted law of attraction weight loss affirmations, or those who wanted law of attraction career affirmations, please remember. Your mind is the creator of everything you are, and everything you have. It’s up to you to choose to want to be better, live better, be happier. If you accept the negative thoughts, and you let them rule you, you will remain stuck. And that, I’m sorry to break it to you, but it is again your own choice!

Did you want happiness affirmations the law of attraction can give you? Love yourself, love others, learn grace, control, and block every bad influence, and you will achieve what you want. Why do we need affirmations? They serve as tools that keep us going, and inspire us to want to change for the better. But, remember, if you want to change for the better, you’re doing good to yourself with that. So why wouldn’t you try?

Wrapping up 50 positive thoughts: Law of Attraction

We all want a happy, fulfilling life, don’t we? At the moment we understand deeply, that we are the creators of our lives, we will be able to create happy, fulfilling lives ourselves. With this law of attraction affirmations for self love, you can teach yourself, train your brain to switch perspectives. If you’re happy with yourself, you’re already more powerful to change other aspects of your life for the better. Make sure you read and take notes of the law of attraction affirmations for love, but also if you need that, the law of attraction career affirmations, so you can keep practicing it. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! You must practice every single day in order to actually succeed in changing your mindset to a positive one.

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