how do you choose your friends

10 reasons why to choose your friends wisely

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How do you choose your friends? I’m pretty sure that all of us had some experience now in choosing friends. This is all thanks to, or because of different people that we’ve met along our beautiful journey called life. Even though so many had happened, and so many types of people we have met, this question is still one of the most asked around those who want to have real friends.

Friends are the family we choose, and it means that you shouldn’t play when you decide that someone is your friend, because once you choose, it has to be worth it. We all have past traumas, disappointments due to friendships that didn’t prove to be what we thought they were, and this gives the reasons why we have to think wise while choosing friends. This is one of those how to choose the right friends article on how to choose your friends wisely. Enjoy the tips!

How do you choose your friends? – How to choose your friends wisely? Choosing friends is not easy

how do you choose your friends

How to choose better friends after your heart has been broken and your trust had been destroyed? Better said, how to be sure that you know how to choose your friends wisely? It depends on all of us, on our personality types, on our own wishes. Maybe I am one person with different interests than you, so it’s all up to our own selves when we start choosing friends.

In this article, you will find out about the importance of choosing the right friends wisely, and about a simple but important process that needs to be followed during this journey. Good luck!

1. Get to know more about the friend-to-be well beforehand

how do you choose your friends

The first thing to do when choosing friends is to start to find out more about the person you want to become friends with. How do you choose your friends is also showing who you are. So, if you are really in the look for something true and real, be patient and listen, respond, find out and tell, in order to get to know the friend to be.

You shouldn’t settle in a friendship just because it offers you hangouts and you don’t spend time alone. If you wish to become a high-value person, you must select who you’re spending your time with! And this is true for all types of relationships! You should carefully choose only the ones that you could identify yourself with, and you click. Those who add to your personality, and not take from it. Those who motivate, and give you positivity!

2. Friends are the family you choose – So, trust your gut instincts

how do you choose your friends

You must trust your guts when choosing friends. Your gut instinct is your pure intuition when it comes to understanding something. It can happen that, from the first arrival somewhere, meeting with someone or idea of doing something you instantly realize whether is good or bad. It’s the same when it comes to how to choose the right friends.

We all know how it’s when we have to give chances to someone in order to be sure about them, but gut instincts have a big role in how do you choose your friends. Moreover, in order to be completely sure of your intuition, you should pay attention to what happens around you, stay silent and listen. Then, it will probably make more sense if your gut instincts were right. In other words, you must try and analyze your friends and your friendships and consider if these are something good for you or bad?

3. Find out more about their values through communication – With no communication, no friendship lasts

how do you choose your friends

It had become extremely complicated nowadays to find out about other’s values. People tend to judge through words or the present actions. If you want to be one step closer to find out how to choose your friends wisely, you should not judge first, but listen carefully, and learn to ask. If you want to find one’s values, see how the person is treating the close ones that he cares about.

This says a lot when you want to choose your friends wisely. From observing just for a while, you might see if the person is reliable, honest, open-minded, or loyal enough to be your friend. Communication is key in every relationship. Friendships, families, and even work-related relationships fall apart the fastest when people can’t communicate. And I know, it is hard to listen, as we all have stuff going on in our lives, but without listening, and talking, you can never have meaningful relationships.

4. Be sure that the possible friendship can be balanced – Give and Take

how do you choose your friends

Efforts are nice demonstrations in a friendship. But, to give more, and to receive less is definitely a bad habit when it comes to making a friendship work. As friends are the family you choose, it would be better to think about the balance. It’s not about the egoistic behavior that if the other doesn’t do enough for me, I won’t do anything for them. It’s about the healthy balance between giving and taking love, help, support, and care.

In a toxic friendship, one is always putting an effort to stay close and make it work, and the other is reaching only when is in need. That is why if you want to choose friends wisely, you have to be careful of all the signals of one-sided friendships. If both friends are gaining something good out of a friendship, it’s a good friendship. Love should be unconditional, and a relationship is all about balance, so keep this in mind!

5. Friends are those who care for you – Do they?

how do you choose your friends

Care means love. Care doesn’t mean material stuff, hard actions, and demonstrations. It’s simply a way that a friend shows whether he or she cares or not. In order to choose friends wisely, you have to see if they care. When we do not know how to choose better friends, we simply have to see if they are there for us when we need them most, not only when it’s comfortable.

Those who care will reach out to us to talk, to have simple conversations, to share stories or their favorite songs. They will also want to find out more about your situation, in order to play a good role in your life. There are people who care, those who pretend to care, and those who don’t care at all. Never be afraid that if you get rid of a toxic relationship you won’t find another one!

6. Choose as friends those who want to evolve – Positive impacts

how do you choose your friends

I know how is it to be part of a group that is living only by routine and nothing else. I also know that while you are part of this group, you will put limitations on yourself, you will not have any expectations regarding your personal growth and nothing would give you the positive energy and motivation to evolve or hustle more than usual. Through this how to use the right friends article, you will also realize what influence can friends have upon your self-development.

In order to be sure that you know how to choose better friends, you should always pay attention to whether the persons around you are actually doing something for their own lives if they have dreams and initiative and share the same interests as you. The power of good examples is priceless when coming from both or more sides in friendships.

7. Choose friends who motivate – Do your friends bring out the best in you?

how do you choose your friends

Friends are not supposed to bring you down, make you anxious, or make you feel like you are not worth it or enough. True Friends are supposed to want to bring the best in you. Friends are the family you choose, and family is a very important word. If you don’t know how to choose your friends wisely, try to see if your friend to be, or old friend is trying to motivate you in something, and want’s to see you succeed.

In toxic friendships, there can be one person who just wants you on stand-by, in order to stay forever in the comfort zone, because it is much more comfortable than expanding. They want you to not grow because they might lose you. In a healthy friendship, friends are continuously motivating each other, and blooming together.

8. Honesty, trust and respect should be what you both follow – You deserve trustworthy, honest and respectful people around you

how do you choose your friends

How to choose better friends when you have been disappointed too many times? Have you wondered if maybe you didn’t know how much you should pay attention to trust, honesty, and respect? The most important things in a friendship are how you treat the other, and how are you treated.

If you are thinking of having a new friendship or thinking about keeping one still, you have to see if the person turns out to be honest, trustful, and respectful. Those will play the biggest role when you do not know how to choose better friends.

9. Choose the people that choose you – Friends are the family you choose

how do you choose your friends

You don’t want to choose someone who always bails you and lets you down. Just remember, there are so many beautiful people around that wait to be discovered, and might want to discover you as well. By trying to keep a friend just because you don’t have another to care so much for, and accepting that you are not chosen back the same way will only take you down.

Friends are the family WE choose, and we have complete freedom to get into a friendship, or out of it. It all depends on what we constantly feel. Remember, that in each and every aspect of your life, sometimes you have to step out of your box in order to find something better. This is true for our friends as well! Sometimes, we have to let behind those who have no value for us, who don’t care about us, and move on to find those who will do. Letting go can be healthy!

10. Get out of your comfort zone and find people who are different than your current friends – Diversify and have different friendships

how do you choose your friends

Finally, we have arrived at the last tip in this how to choose the right friends article. If you have gotten to the point where you are continuously choosing friends through the same pattern, and you always get to become disappointed, there’s a reason. Maybe you need to try to find a different, a new type of friend. A new friend which has the opposite characteristics to your other connections or is just a little bit different.

Trying to be around new people can make a great difference when it comes to reconsidering your decisions. Don’t be afraid to meet new people, this is how to choose better friends in the end. Friends are the family we choose, and it’s a beautiful journey of discovering different types of people. Traveling alone is one of the best ways to do this though. Traveling can bring you connections from all around the world. This can teach you to be more open, and understand different cultures. If you do this, your personality will become more colorful, and you will keep evolving in your life.

Friends are the sisters we choose – Choose your friends wisely – Choosing friends that stay forever

As you may be seen, it is quite complicated when you want to do a good choice in the matter of friendships. Choosing friends is a beautiful process, in which you realize who is worth to be in your surrounding. So, choose friends wisely because friends are the family you choose. If you didn’t know how to choose the right friends, in this how to choose the right friends article you’ve got all the tips on how to choose your friends wisely.

Good friends are rare. They are loyal and accept you for who you are entire. They stick with you through good and bad times. Never underestimate honesty, as one great tool in choosing friends. Some more advice before I go. Don’t forget to be a good friend yourself. Be trustworthy, honest, loyal, and real. Never underestimate the power of a good friend, and keep away from toxic patterns. Remember to be grateful for the good friends you’ve got.

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